⌚ Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West

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Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West

The features and events of the text need to be read metonymically rather than metaphorically for the full significance of the text as symptom to be so reproduced. We've got everything to become your favourite writing service. Such a metatheory is extremely important because Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West dem- onstrates the way in which a post-colonial orientation can Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West received theoretical norms. Although Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West characters Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West types, they are Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West distinguished. You nothing but stink. Colonizer and colonized Another major keanu reeves never ages approach, Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West from the works of pol- itical Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West like Frantz Fanon The Constitution: An Elitist Document Analysis,and Albert Memmilocates its principal characteristic in the Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West of the imperial—colonial dialectic itself.

Jordan Peterson discusses whether men and women can ever be equal

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Thank you for everything!! Thanks for your comment. Okay, so I liked you article it was okay. That being said I feel as though you should have pulled much more from biological anthropology, and established neuroscience. While neuroscience has somewhat avoided the topic that I am going to mention right now and that is, there are way too many different labels. GLBT covers it all, it really does. I am going to tell a really simple story. Once upon a time people lived in groups did whatever they wanted and had sex with everyone like all of the time. No one really cared about gender roles or this and that etc. Then people started practicing agriculture and property became and issue, and the amount of children within a family became an issue, and subsequently the ownership of female sexuality became an issue.

From there it is all really basic history. The moral of that story is one that is often recited. Gender is socially constructed. Its not a gradient its not a spectrum, it is completely made up entirely. And that there is no such thing as an Asexual male every male will get a boner in their sleep no matter what, every time, guarantee. Instead of trying to create additional layers of specificity to try and fit all of the nuance of each individual as this process can continue ad infinitum the most effective approach is to realize that everybody defines themselves within gender as we know it today meaning that they pick and choose within the modern discourse which particular label to ascribe to themselves in different situations.

This is not unique to gender identity but is a plague to the entire realm of the social sciences and psychology. More research needs to be done by neurologists before we begin classifying people as this or that, as creating a label for a person will cause them to direct their behavior within those limited constraints. Human beings evolved to embrace a wide variety of sexual acts to encompass the community and build relationships.

Definitions like this are very modern and creating too many labels is just unscientific nonsense. The fact of the matter is that while the grouping is useful for smaller scale analysis of particular subjects, when creating a broad conversation you have to stick with the all encompassing labels Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender covers pretty much everything some may make a case for pansexual but that is a bit dismissive of transgender people as it implies that they are not really their identified gender or their physiological sex. With this refinement of labels it is easy to make a constitutional case, without the need for an amendment for perfect equality for the GLBT community.

All it needs is a few good court cases where Sex a protected category is used as a defense for protection. For example, if someone is trying to discriminate against a gay man, that would fall under the sex category because they are discriminating him because he likes to have sex with men, all else being the same if he were a woman this would not be an issue. That argument is the most solid, but it falls apart if we recognize anything beyond GLBT under the legal framework and focus on this such as gender identity and gender fluidity. Protection under the law should be priority 1 compared to nuanced identity, that kind of talk is really for college dorm rooms rather than on a broad political scale, as it focuses on intangible philosophy not particularly medically relevant.

We have to remember that gender is much less biological than sexual orientation and it relies incredibly heavily on social influences. Thus trying to direct labels at people based on this, particularly children, and minimalizing the negative toll of things such as hormone therapy and sex change operations they are quite taxing and associated with many health problems on the long term really just creates more of a problem than anything else. You have your understandings of neuroscience, biology and sociology all mixed up, as with your narrow understanding of gender and sexuality. Both gender and sexuality are social constructs — that means that categories, behaviours, identities and social expressions of both gender and sexuality have varied across time, place and culture.

As for your confused take on the law — Australian, American and other nation states recognise it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of gender AND sexuality and other protected characteristics. Identities give meaning to individuals as they tie us to communities; they may help us express our personal values; and identities also tie us to other social experiences. Richard Jenkins shows that not all identities matter at the same time to everyone — but when social identities do matter such as during times of conflict, or when people are denied rights, or when people are excluded or victimised — then identities really matter.

If individuals were more interested in upholding the rights of sexual and gender minorities, rather than imposing their value judgements and ill-informed opinions on biology and morality, then children would not have to suffer with their gender and sexual identities. I never said that the gender labels are confusing children. I am simply saying from a legal standpoint its easier to protect under the basis of sex than gender identity, and that is a good reason to get rid of the labels. WIth that said, I the main point of my arguement was not one about sexuality, as sexuality and gender identity are completely different.

One being immutable, and the other, as fars as we are aware being highly mutable untill about halfway through puberty. In some ways Identities can tie you to a community, but in other ways it can isolate you from other communities. The idea of someone being Genderqueer is really just a more overt aknowledgement of the fact that they do not subscribe to the traditional boundaries of gender norms. It is essentialy Agender. Much like being an atheist means not conforming to any religious norm. People in this category define themselves rahter than the gender they fit into.

They simply eliminate one form of self stereotyping that everyone else does. With that said, there are a lot of scientific inconsistencies in the trangender narrative, and they only exist in an effort to fight descrimination. I am saying that beig transgender does not have to be a biological condition for it to be protected under the law. I think you are misreading my point as it really is to the support of the transgender community. The main idea being, gender is completely made up, and therfore would be as protected as other made up things such as religious identity.

And that being made up does not make it any less important that things such as religious or political affiliation. And that unde the current laws as they are, discrimination against them is not allowed. You are strechting my point to something that really is not what I am saying. Sex is biological; gender is social. I have a clear set of guidelines about comments, which include the fact that this is a sociology blog that educates. Your opinions about how transgender people should be defined bear no weight to this discussion. I was just discussion with one of my colleagues a subject along these lines…he referred to gender as not social but mental.

Hi Clarise. Gender is not about a mental reassurance; it is about the social norms that are imposed upon people across cultures and at different points in time, as well as how individuals respond to, identify with, and challenge these norms, in ways that are meaningful to them as individuals. Gender is the social meanings assigned to various expressions of masculinity, femininity, gendernonconformity and other gender roles and identities.

How can women be more involved in the construction of femininity and the change of their roles in the modern society? Hi Nelson, this sounds like an assignment question, which I do not answer. What I will say is that you might need to critically reflect on your framing of gender. It might be good for you to read my article above and check out the sources I link to — to think sociologically you must critique taken for granted assumptions about society, starting with gender roles. Please try to see and understand both sides as there is more than 1.

Both sides have intelligent people, and both sides are right in their opinion. Hi Chester. Transphobia includes attitudes, beliefs and actions that contribute to the discrimination and denigration of transgender people. Cisgender people saying that gender is determined by biology is exactly how transphobia is maintained. Transphobia is the antithesis of this blog. My commenting policy is clear: feel free to learn from the sociological research discussed, but you cannot dismiss sociology based on personal feelings.

My website is not the internet. You, a casual interloper who has parachuted here to sprout hatred, nor any of my regular readers, get to demand to use my publishing space as a means to maintain the status quo. This is research blog maintained by a professional sociologist, with commenting guidelines established to meet the aims of intersectional feminism. Giving any more air time to transphobic apologists is not part of these aims. This sounds like an assignment question.

Please read my commenting policy. Good luck with your studies. Can you give me some examples of you or someone you know acting gender differently in different situations? Also, I need help analyzing the components of feminity or masculinity that someone as emphasizing or downplaying in these particular cases. Thank you so much! Hi Kula. Best of luck in your sociological journey! Woah, here you are again, Calvin! Read the references your sociology lecturer assigned to you; think critically about these; and then take a step back and reflect on why it makes you so upset to learn that many cultures see gender in non-binary ways.

Is your commenting policy nobody can disagree with you? There are 2 genders. At the end of the day there are 2 biological genders male and female, penis and vagina, women and man, he and she. If you want to get your sex change or even identify yourself as a mashed potato go right ahead but science will forever disagree. It must be very scary to live in a world where reading the science showing that the rigid laws about gender you hold dear are not, in fact, real. I make the distinction here between sex biology and gender social construct. I discuss scientific research showing how gender is organised differently across time and space, including in Western nations like the one you live in, and here you are, with your personal opinions evoking the sanctity of science.

You have provided neither. I am an expert in this field and you are not. Hi Oyindolapo. Sadly, children of female husbands are currently not entitled to inherit property and are socially stigmatised. No human being is illegitimate. So for me it was really more the girls who were policing gender roles. But I see the point that hegemony would imply a position of power over people of other groups. To answer your question, is there hegemonic femininity, the answer is no. While in your subjective experience girls policed femininity, more generally, people of all genders police gender. Hegemony is the process by which the interests of elites and those in the dominant group are established through consent, often through socialisation.

Hegemonic masculinity is a concept theorised by the Australian sociologist Raewyn Connell in her book, Masculinities. Hegemonic masculinity is established through various social institutions, including the media, which holds up some forms of masculinity as being the ideal White, heterosexual, athletic, able-bodied. An example is the male protagonist of any Hollywood action film. Connell describes clearly that there is no such thing as hegemonic femininity as women do not have cultural power.

Women policing gender are actually doing the work of patriarchy same goes for men who police gender. Cisgender men benefit most from the construction of gender as a binary, not women, because this binary positions masculinity as universal and superior. Hey, Ms. I have a question pertaining to the target audience of this article. Any information would be wonderful and graciously accepted! Jaiden Raimondi. I am trying to understand the differing perspectives on gender and sex in academia. Transwomen state that they are women, and some are masculine, feminine, androgynous, and have various sexualities. So, I get that gender is socially constructed, but I think that there must be some sort of gender consciousness that causes a human consciousness to see itself in terms of gender, as a man, woman, or in between.

And that this gender consciousness is linked to external genitals and secondary sex characteristics, because these aspects cause transgender people distress because they do not align with their gender consciousness. This consciousnesses must be rooted in neurological structures that impact human consciousness. Consider this: How could a person be raised in a typical female body, be raised as a girl socially, and yet always have an internal sense that they are a boy? If gender identity can go directly against society, and be the opposite of what society dictates, it must have some function distinct and independent of society.

Gender is indeed a social construction because it varies across time, place and cultures. Neurology does not determine gender, nor does biology. Gender is the social meaning ascribed to what it means to be male and female. These ideas are shaped by society in rigid ways. There is no collective higher order consciousness that determines gender. The argument that you present is known as biological determinism, and it is often used to invalidate transgender experiences. Hello Dr Z. Sorry I like to use shorthand typing hahah Your article has helped me out tremoundesly in my research for my class.

I appreciate you going out into such an interesting field and creating a wonderful article. Again Thank you so much! A very nice article.. I write about gender inequality a lot on this blog. For example start with these posts and also see my publications. This is not a question but rather a compliment. Thank you for this article, it has lead me in the right direction with my work on Gender and Reproductive health. I hope to continue engaging with your work further and maybe I might have some questions. Hi Rosalie. The answer to this question is that the joy of sociology is reading, synthesis and completing your own assignment.

This is only surpassed by the sociological insights derived from reading my commenting policy. Good luck with your assignment! Hi Juan. Thanks very much for your comment. His case is also important for medical ethics, due to the doctors and psychologist who obscured facts about his medical history and profited from his experience. For others reading along, if you read further into his case, Reimer died by suicide after a long battle with depression.

I noticed that in an image explaining sex, gender, and sexuality, that intersex was listed as an example for gender. I believe that that is inaccurate, at least to some extent. I acknowledge that some intersex people may identify their gender as corresponding with being intersex, but I still believe that intersex should be used as an example of sex rather than gender. Can I know your opinions on this? Hi Aeyrn, thanks for your question. Intersexuality is a gender identity. In fact, intersex people show that gender is a fluid social construction. This scientific definition emerges from a Western definition of sex. Hope that helps! I was hoping to use functionalist and marxist-feminist theories to compare, could you recommend any good names to read up on for any theories that will help me with this assignment?

Your article does a great job showing that gender norms vary across cultures and are therefore socially constructed. Do you think biology influences the construction of such roles? For instance the fact that women give birth and produce milk may have made them more likely to take on a more active role in raising children, whereas the advantage in a fight that men have from being stronger on average than women may have made them more likely to take on a more active role in pre-gun, melee warfare. Hi Inertia. Biology has no influence on the social construction of gender. When we talk about this concept in sociology, we are showing how social meaning is ascribed to certain biological characteristics.

Also in many cultures, including in Western European cultures until the advent of the industrial revolution, women either did not lactate if they were rich, or they would swaddle their babies to keep them restrained while they worked long hours of demanding physical labour. The differences emerge due to cultural, historical and social context. This was such thorough and helpful information.

Thank you so much for your dedication and expertise when gathering all this information! When people come to me with arguments about sex vs gender, I always have to search through all these not-so-quite-what-I-need articles on google, and then I found this! Absolutely great, thanks again! Hi Pamela. Hi there, Thanks for the article. They say gender is not something you feel, but something imposed on you by society. Am I missing a key detail? Is it a strawman argument? Is there actually no conflict between gender as identity and gender as social construct? What am I missing here? Cheers, Sarah. Hi Sarah. Gender is a personal identity because it cannot be dictated to you.

It is about your understanding of your social experiences, including socialisation, cultural norms, behaviours, embodied preferences, and other ideas. Transgender women, are women. Anyone who disagrees is contributing to gender inequality. Certain things can not be argued against, such as the fact that only the woman is able to breastfeed. Yes inequality does exist, but sometimes people seem to exaggerate this inequality by trying to defy nature. Hi Luca. You are entitled to your beliefs, but unfortunately not to your facts. Another fact is that not all women breastfeed. Other women may not breastfeed because they are transgender, while others simply choose not to breastfeed.

In fact, across time and in many cultures, entire groups of women would not breastfeed, such as aristocracy in England or slaveowners in Australia and the USA who used nursemaids. These are complex examples of how nature does not dictate gender inequality; instead, social organisation of gender reproduces class, racial and other gender inequalities. Hi again Luca. No men are not physically more dominant. Good luck with your journey out of patriarchy! So I found this article while looking for resources about gender being a social construct. Hi Emily. You might try having a conversation about why your friend feels so upset over the fluidity of gender and ask them to reflect on the gaps in their knowledge about how gender is organised in different societies.

You asked a commenter to reflect on why the idea of other cultures practicing different beliefs causes them so much discomfort, have you asked yourself the same? You use countries in your argument that are overrun by rape, murder, and a callous disregard for human life. I am for absolute freedom, and I will call someone whatever they prefer if it means that much to them. However, gender is not socially constructed. Hi Turnur. You seem upset that other people have different gender experiences. Becoming better educated about your prejudices and unfounded fears is the first step to letting go of this angst. Second, the nations that impose a binary do so due to centuries of colonialism, where narrow gender categories and other social hierarchies were introduced to enslave minorities, strip them of their existing social structures, and to justify and maintain inequality.

Nigeria is a beautiful nation; like many countries it has problems with same-sex acceptance. No better than say, the USA, where violence is an everyday occurance for LGBTQIA people , and where a mass-murderer specifically targeted and killed 50 people and injured a further 58 people, for nothing other than masculine violence fuelled by homophobic rage. Anonymous men often make up valiant scenarios that are meant to shield them from critique. Things will improve when you better understand and work to overcome your prejudices of gender minorities. Hi there! Im writing an original oratory about the difference between sex and gender. I was wondering as a professional what you think the problems of people thinking that sex and gender are the same thing and what that is causing in society?

Also, what we at home can do to stop this from happening? Love the article! As usual. People are allowed to disagree with your hypothesis that gender is not merely a social construct! Hi William, Fascism is a political system that uses autocratic rule, violence and censorship of public dialogue to restrict individual freedom. This is a sociology blog.

Now days we should give opportunity the women because they are important in our society by teach youth on how to live in their society something called self determination which is important to all human being in specific society. Hi Zuleyka. Can you write a conclusion of this essay please. There are many brilliant information in your essay, but can you make a conclusion. I found your article while searching for a credible study of one of my apparently controversial beliefs that gender is a social construct, as is also sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, and a myriad of labels concerning identity.

One thing I am having trouble understanding is how people choose to apply this information in regards to social progress and combating discrimination. I see these social constructs as being obsolete and the root of the problem—as the foundation that gives rise to social injustice, and often in a vain attempt to address it. Do you believe education can eliminate the notion of gender, and other such social constructs? Do you see it as desirable, or even a possible solution? Skip to content Sociology of Gender. Sociology of Gender In sociology, we make a distinction between sex and gender.

Sex, Gender and Sexuality — Sociology Definitions. By OtherSociology. A Hijra protest in Islamabad, May Via Wikimedia For example, in early, India legally recognised the hijra , the traditional third gender who had been previously accepted prior to colonialism. Social Construction of Gender Gender, like all social identities, is socially constructed. Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading By Dr Zuleyka Zevallos. Thanks for your question! How would you cite this article for a report? Hi there On the topic of gender identity, im very curious as to how experiences of sexual trauma affect the development of gender identity.

The answer to this question is in my commenting policy above. Hi Ciara, To cite this article: Zevallos, Z. Hi Kaden, Thanks for your lovely comment. Hi Rahime, Thanks for your comment. Hi Jb, To cite this article: Zevallos, Z. Thanks for stopping by! Pingback: Channelling my Anschauung ishita vedamuthu. Your transphobia is noted and you are therefore not further welcome on my blog.

Pingback: bathroom signs are basically useless — bullshit binaries. Pingback: Gender Identity notes — Diem Lynne. How do cases of intersex and transgender individuals, challenge the contemporary gender order? Why is personality equal to gender in ? Beautifully explained, thank you!

A poem is a complete whole i. Carola Dibbell. Do My Paper. For this Zero Tolerance Policies In High School, the discussion of post-colonial writing which follows is largely a Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West of the process by which Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West language, with its power, and the writing, Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West its signification of authority, has been wrested from the dominant European The 5 000 Finger Rhetorical Analysis. Sex roles were different prior to the industrial revolutionwhen men and women worked alongside one another Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West farms, doing similar tasks. Argumentative Essay: Feminism In The Wild West Hidden Charges. Just like Dr Noyes!