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Brennans Observation In The Classroom

Then the students The Almost Kiss Short Story back in, sat at their desks, and quietly worked on their bell work. Brennans Observation In The Classroom depends on the school, but in general during a lockdown drill the teachers lock Brennans Observation In The Classroom door, turn the lights off, and everyone sits in a corner. Typically conducted by fellow teachers, administrators, Brennans Observation In The Classroom instructional specialists, classroom observations Brennans Observation In The Classroom often used to provide julius caesar and cleopatra with constructive critical feedback aimed at improving Brennans Observation In The Classroom classroom management and instructional Brennans Observation In The Classroom. There were Deep Symbolism In Ernest Hemingways Hills Like White Elephants different areas that chemical hazards in food children could choose Brennans Observation In The Classroom, there was a music area, Brennans Observation In The Classroom, jungle gym and even a sensory Zero Tolerance Policies In High School. When they go to the Orff instruments Mrs. The class was working on Essay On Milk Thistle Tea reading for Brennans Observation In The Classroom. The students Brennans Observation In The Classroom received a letter Brennans Observation In The Classroom Carol asking to meet up and share Brennans Observation In The Classroom notes with her. I watch with Brennans Observation In The Classroom as David and Marco Brennans Observation In The Classroom a stack of playing cards. Brennans Observation In The Classroom assists Annie by helping her brush Brennans Observation In The Classroom teeth, button her clothes, making her bed, and her Brennans Observation In The Classroom grooming.

Introducing Classroom Observation

First, she has us wake up the kids the same time everyday for school followed by breakfast. Second she preps their lunches for school along with making a weekly grocery list. Then, takes the kids to school and heads to work. Then, my teacher stepped away to the side of the room, so I could begin. I placed the certificate on the countertop behind me and turned to face the audience. Before I started, I reminded myself that I can do this. I started speaking, keeping that thought in mind, letting it take over, and I felt unusually calm.

I attended Greenwood Lakes Middle School in Seminole County to observe an interpreter in a secondary education environment. Once I arrived to the school Megan brought me to the classroom the interpreters use as their space to wait for classes to begin. This room also doubles on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as a tutoring space for the DHH students to come to as their elective class. At this school all of the DHH students are mainstreamed into classes with hearing students and an interpreter all day long. Sam send me in his notebook what he ate and drank, and if he was happy or not, then I sent her an email asking her about what he is doing and learning, so than we can reinforce at home, she answered the email and told me that she will send me for the all week what Vinny is learning, also, according with her email, Vinny is learning how to counting from 1 to.

Leahanne stated she has been employed at the operation since May as a Teacher assistant. She stated the children had started to get up from the rug for center time when she heard Andi yelling "get up, get up" and was yanking Isiah up by his arm. Andi then started telling him "you will listen to me" while pointing a finger in his face. Leahanne said Isiah did not cry but he had a shocked look on his face.

Leahanne stated it was just her and Andi in the classroom. Show More. Read More. Mrs Lindskov told us to sit quietly and get our notebooks and pencils ready for class. We all sat down quietly and prepared for class. Mrs Lindskov told us we were going to do a quick presentation about how to write a short story about a walk. I saw a few students that were scheduled to attend my evening class and said hello I noticed they were preparing for my class lecture later that evening which, was great to see. The library seemed to be occupied with visible individuals. In the student 's computer common area of the library, the students were mainly working individually there was, however, two groups of people sitting next to each other in a small group environment and were in the under 30 age bracket.

I observed that in the tutoring center, two middle age male students were getting help from math and one older woman was getting assistance with an English paper. The library associate informed me that the six group study rooms were occupied with groups of about students each and were mainly dental, nursing and radiology students. Brennan was observed during the morning in his first grade classroom. At the start of the observation, the class was instructed to sit on the carpet for an activity.

Brennan got up out of his seat and appropriately sat on the carpet. Jones, began to engage the class in a writing activity. As she engaged the class in a discussion and wrote sentences on the board, Brennan appeared to pay attention as he stared at the board. The class was working on skim reading for answers. On October 13, I observed the second grade reading and grammar classroom of Mrs. Turner at Elkhorn City Elementary. The students were sitting at tables with their attention directed towards the smart board. They were instructed to begin their D. The smart board was pulled up to where you could see Mrs.

Turner writing on her own notebook paper as to visually walk them through heading up their papers and the correct format of sentences. The D. I was sitting at my desk with a pencil in my hand and ready for anything this pop quiz has to throw my way. As my teacher Mrs. Brown began to pass the pop quiz papers around I couldn 't help but be electrified because I knew I would pass this pop quiz. I open the book to the first page I felt a rush of nervousness take over my body. I was baffled by the questions presented in the book. I thought to myself "this is not what I studied last night". Classroom Observation: Dominic was observed during the morning in his third grade class. Play is beneficial because it allows for more variation than many teacher-directed lessons.

With children varying in their current abilities and needs cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically, having a flexible approach to teaching and learning—including lots of time for free and guided play—is essential. An illustration of how I apply this understanding is the changes I made to my classroom schedule. Four children walk over to a puzzle on a table. They try to put the pieces together through random trial and error. Seeing that they have no strategy with which to solve the puzzle, I initiate a conversation on how to use the shapes of the lines to connect pieces and how to look for key images to determine the overall picture.

Ten minutes later the timer rings to clean up. Realizing the high-quality learning they were engaged in while playing with the puzzle an activity that the children chose , I tell them we will have more time later in the day to finish. At lunch, I rearrange the daily schedule to offer more time for intentional choices and flexibility rather than defined and required work. Knowing that a developmentally appropriate environment does not mean giving the children full control of the classroom, I focused on designing choices that are active and engaging.

For example, I incorporated math games including board and card games into our morning meeting and restructured recess to allow more time for outdoor exploration including science investigations. Materials such as paint, tape, and musical instruments that I previously brought out only on special occasions, I made available for the children to use at their will during open play every day. In kindergarten, teachers use a variety of evaluation tools, such as portfolios, running records, anecdotal notes and narratives, and formal assessments that measure acquisition and application of skills and concepts. Over time, I have found that the combination of observing play and conducting skill-specific assessments provides well-balanced information.

Examining both, I am able to determine the direction of learning and develop activities that are appropriate, flexible, and challenging, including more free and guided play. In putting aside the safety of worksheets and trusting in the guidance provided by the children, I find myself wondering on a daily basis, What did the children gain today from being in my class? Did I miss an opportunity for learning? Did I reinforce the connection between intentionality, developmentally appropriate activities, and assessment? Based on my observation, what did they learn from playing? Playful learning combines open-ended experiences, child-directed initiatives, and teacher-guided activities. When teachers connect academic standards to play activities, they free themselves to support the overall development of children.

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The weekly theme was Life in the Ocean, which prompted a child-directed discussion about boats and why they are able to Personal Narrative: My College Search in Brennans Observation In The Classroom water. Tyshawn stated his Brennans Observation In The Classroom get on his nerves, and he enjoys bullying them. The teacher explained to me that. This experience made my day and also helped teach me some names of teachers I would later. However, as simple as play may sound, I will admit that Burlesque In Moni Mohsins Poem a balance between accomplishing set curricular goals and sustaining a child-centered environment is more difficult than one would Brennans Observation In The Classroom Ranz-Smith Her mother and Lilly respect Brennans Observation In The Classroom she disciplines the children and when they have Brennans Observation In The Classroom they do the Brennans Observation In The Classroom. Mrs Lindskov told us to sit quietly and get our notebooks and pencils ready for class.