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Clean version of purported Taliban audio, comment by man who obtained tape

He wants American troops out of Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that struck the U. The deaths of more than a dozen American service members and dozens more Afghan civilians rocked U. It was the deadliest day for U. A White House spokeswoman suggested it was the worst day of his presidency. Biden himself began a news conference with a blunt understatement. The suicide attacks have left the president pursuing two competing objectives, underscoring the complexity of the pullout. One, Biden promised to pursue members of the ISIS cell responsible for the attack: "We will hunt you down and make you pay. Two, he promised to leave Afghanistan as planned, and to keep withdrawing Americans, and Afghan allies, ahead of a scheduled Aug.

Biden evinced no regrets about ending a mission that has cost trillions of dollars , and killed thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of Afghans. Any plunge in his public-opinion polling leaves Democrats in grave danger of losing control of Congress in next year's legislative midterm elections. And plunge it has; Biden's net approval rating has dropped 10 percentage points this month in an average of surveys compiled by the RealClearPolitics site.

Some of that drop might be attributable to the worsening pandemic, though most of the shift has occurred in the days since the Taliban took Kabul. Different surveys suggest Americans agree with ending the mission; less than a quarter, however, believe Biden is handling the withdrawal well. Thursday's attacks underscore that terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, remain in the country — a point already made in United Nations reports. Critics had warned for weeks, including some in Biden's party, that the pullout was happening too quickly and with too little co-ordination with allies. One such critic said the attacks demonstrated the risk of trusting the Taliban to run the country. They didn't," tweeted Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an air force veteran and not-especially partisan Republican congressman.

His party has set a target next month of passing multi-trillion-dollar bills through Congress that would enact the bulk of his domestic agenda: new highways, bridges, electric vehicles, a green power grid, universal child care, family leave and immigration reform. On foreign policy, Biden says it's time to shift his country's attention and resources to the big emerging challenge of competition with China. For all their obvious differences, recent American presidents have taken office holding a pair of broadly similar objectives. One is to end costly foreign wars, and spend more of America's wealth at home, on domestic causes.

They are deemed to be in desperate need as a result of drought, displacement, chronic poverty and a sharp increase in hostilities as the Taliban swept to power last month. Even before the Taliban takeover, nearly half the population needed some humanitarian aid and more than half of all children under the age of 5 were expected to face acute malnutrition, according to the U. The economic challenges are steep. Tens of thousands of Afghans have fled, most of them members of the educated elite. Yet despite such dependence on international support, the Taliban sent a message with their Cabinet lineup this week that they intend to run Afghanistan on their terms.

They named a government filled with veterans of their s rule and the subsequent insurgency against a U. Their Cabinet includes former Guantanamo Bay prisoners and — perhaps one of the most eyebrow-raising appointments — Sirajuddin Haqqani, wanted by the FBI for questioning in several deadly attacks, as interior minister. The Taliban would seem to want it both ways — to run Afghanistan according to their harsh interpretation of Islam, while maintaining some level of cooperation with the international community.

In portraying their Cabinet as a caretaker administration, the Taliban signaled there is still room for change and that other nations can do business with this government without recognizing it first. In a three-page policy statement that accompanied the formation of the government, the Taliban also addressed concerns of the region and the larger world. They promised Afghanistan would not be used as a staging arena for attacks on other countries. They said they would not interfere in the affairs of other nations and demanded the same in return. And they pledged to allow Afghans to leave the country, provided they have the proper travel documents. Its tens of thousands of fighters will have to be brought under a single Afghan National Security Force banner, even integrating some of the previous military personnel into the mix.

In time, economic necessity might prompt the Taliban to loosen their grip and allow women and non-Taliban into the administration, but likely in secondary roles. For women, this might mean work in the traditional fields of health and education. Afghans of are not the compliant population of — a time when the Taliban had little trouble imposing their uncompromising edicts. There are also debates and differences within the movement and no one among the Taliban has absolute authority, unlike in the past, under the late founder Mullah Mohammad Omar who had the final word.

Kugelman, from the Wilson Center, said others, such as Pakistan, China and Russia, might eventually set a lower bar for formal recognition of a new Afghan government. Still, Kugelman said, the Taliban badly need access to billions of dollars in foreign reserves that the West has denied them. Gannon has covered Afghanistan for The Associated Press since Follow her on Twitter at www.

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