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Films Like A Beautiful Mind

Best Adapted Screenplay. USA Today. The Columbian Exchange Summary Chasers Retrieved November 8, By Royce Proctor Jr. In real life, Nash's defence-related films like a beautiful mind was undertaken for the Films like a beautiful mind Corporationnot directly for the Films like a beautiful mind.

A Beautiful Mind-First Big Date

Stay up to date on result for: A Beautiful Mind film. Films similar to or like A Beautiful Mind film. See more. Sentences for A Beautiful Mind film. On January 1, , in a private family ceremony in Scotland, she married actor Paul Bettany , whom she had met while working on A Beautiful Mind. Jennifer Connelly - Wikipedia. James Horner - Wikipedia. Rather than utilizing makeup tactics, such as the ones used in A Beautiful Mind , to give Jeff Bridges a younger appearance, the character of Clu was completely computer generated. Based on the book of the same name, the movie explores the journey of great mathematician Srinivasan Ramanujan who struggles through poverty and tuberculosis but his love for maths does not deter and he finally becomes successful in gaining recognition as a mathematician of international importance and merit.

Hardy, his professor. The movie produced by the son Jonathan Cavendish tells the story of his father Robin Cavendish Andrew Garfield who was paralyzed from neck down in in Britain went on to build a mobile chair with a built-in respirator with the help of his friends and his wife Diana Cavendish Claire Foy who was with him at every step and became his backbone. This movie explores the never give up attitude of the wife which motivates the husband to live and help others to live too without being in a prison state. Irrespective of his motor neurone disease, Stephen Hawking continues with his research work on black hole and with the support of his girlfriend Jane Wilde Felicity Jones who later becomes his wife. The mix up of biography with romance with commendable acting is what makes this film a triumphant one.

Directed by Morten Tyldum, the movie is a biography of Alan Turing Benedict Cumberbatch who was a cryptanalyst working for the Britishers during the time of second world war. He goes on to build a machine that could decipher coded messages of the Nazis enigma and succeeds in it but his own personal life has too much twist and turns. The biography with history and mystery is what makes it worth the watch, also the theme of homosexuality attached to a genius prodigy makes it a quite a bold movie. It takes us through the story of the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg through lawsuits. They have to fight lawsuits that jeopardizes their friendship. It is a drama film but feels real in every sense. Directed by Gus Van Sant, the movie explores the journey of a troubled young person who is unknown and unrecognized mathematical genius.

Will Hunting Matt Damon is a South Boston laborer who does want to contribute in the society with his mind is recognized by a professor of advanced mathematics and becomes his student. He also becomes a client of a therapist Dr. Sean Maguire Robin Williams to deal with his relationships with his best friend Chuckie Sullivan Ben Affleck , his girlfriend and his past that haunts him and he is running away from. It is quite a feel good movie with a prodigal genius mathematician as a protagonist in dire need of help from a psychologist. It is a fictional romantic film about the life of a titular character Tom Hanks where he goes through various difficult events or influences some of them in the later 20th century.

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