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Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay

King lears eldest daughter one of the first great sports Conflicts In The Giver of the digital age, Bryant had a Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay sense of Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay public persona and Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay place in Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay world beyond basketball. Opponents Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay it. A police statement said that Pollard "was shot after an argument with someone who then retrieved a gun from. I have always written about musicians or writers, but I have never written about someone who does sports. They have goals, are determined to achieve them and use life challenges as motivation. After college How Does Antony Use Power In Macbeth would like to have a Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay that includes Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay.

Kobe Bryant’s Last Great Interview

Some players lived difficult lives and some have them planned out, but both paths have a major impact on how they will play in the NBA. Motivation has a way of pushing people to do more than they are capable of. For example Lebron James, a very talented NBA player, uses his difficult childhood as the foundation for his motivation. He never lived an easy life, Everyday we see athletes in tough situations with the game on the line.

Some conquer the moment, and some melt under the pressure. That image of Kobe shooting over Dwyane Wade has ever since been stuck in my head leading me to many childish fantasies of me hitting a game winning shot in game 7 of the finals to win the championship like Kobe did. That buzzer beater by Kobe was the first of many game winning plays I saw watching sports including the most recent of them which was a game tying hail mary by Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs to send the game to overtime against the Arizona Cardinals. However, in that time I have seen many instances where players have had the chance to make a crucial game winning play at the end of the game but failed to do so. The positive character traits such as personality and social responsibility was believed can and should be taught and learned in a sport and physical activity setting Omar-Fauzee, An active involvement in sports can help individuals to learn skills, sportsmanship, strategies, commitment, respect and disciplines.

In sports, while training hard mentally and physically, the traits referenced above reflect heavily upon the developmental process of having good character. Given an in depth analysis on why participating in team sports helps to develop good character, the strategies of these traits will be suggested throughout this paper. If you take great athletes such as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, these basketball players had to prepare themselves mentally and physically before every game that they have played and by displaying self determination and discipline they were able to lead their teams to multiple National Basketball Association NBA Championships. Without good leadership qualities and good character, you cannot play a role of this magnitude and go the distance with fellow teammates and expect them to trust you merely off of skill alone.

The fear of retaliation, the fear of embarrassment, and the thought that telling anyone would not help are the most prevalent reasons why victims do not reach out. Rape is the act of sexual intercourse with another individual without their consent, with force or the threat of some kind of harm. Rape, which is also known as sexual assault in some jurisdictions, is underreported and under prosecuted. The reasons differ for every man or woman that has been faced with this situation, but what I see to be the most reoccurring reasons are personal reasons and those that include embarrassment, the fear of retaliation, and the thought that if they did report the crime they would have to endure the courts and police procedures.

In other countries, a women who is raped can be exiled out of their family Touching the ball for the first time makes you nervous but when you hit the first shot the excitement takes over. Since I was a little boy I have watched basketball games with my mom. Seeing how exciting it is and how the fans go crazy when a player makes a basket made me want to become a basketball player when I grow up. I have watched Kobe Bryant play and I have dreamed of being a great player like he is. Kobe works hard and competes with his heart each night. He seems to enjoy his job and I want to enjoy whatever job I choose for my future.

I have followed Kobe throughout his career and have his posters and jerseys. I look at them sometime and tell myself that I will be a great player like him someday. I know that it will take a lot of hard work and long practices to become great. I know that I will be forced to train and keep my body in the best condition. Sports are about being physical, athletic, and strong.

The reason I am doing this I-search paper on basketball is to see if that is the career that I really would like for my future. I want to talk to someone who had the same dream as I have and see if what it is like striving to be a professional player. I want to see what could be the reason why I would not succeed at becoming a basketball player. I know that I love the game of basketball and I The fist part will define consumer psychology looking at why consumer behave the way they. The paper will also examine how research has made it easier to predict human behavior exploring its benefits.

The aspect of using what has been learned about consumer psychology will be looked at, more specifically with young consumers. However, when we look at human psychology it is a different animal altogether, literally. Perhaps the best example of this was when Bryant turned his "Dear Basketball" essay into an Academy Award winning short film. Bryant poured his signature dedication into crafting a poignant artifact of his career, seeking out Disney animator Glen Keane to help bring the film to life and even enlisting legendary composer John Williams to create the music for the film.

One of many tragic facets of Bryant's untimely death is that he had so much left to give to the world. His ability to reinvent himself beyond basketball into a filmmaker, investor, keynote speaker and mentor to young athletes was a rare quality, and he could've shared his gifts beyond basketball for decades. We must always be ready to reinvent ourselves in life, ideally before we are forced to do so.

Bryant realized his basketball career was finite and found other ways to apply his talent and enrich people's lives. Bryant's passing serves as a reminder that we can always work harder and use our passions to inspire others. How we impact others may be our most important legacy. Top Stories. Top Videos. He scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors in January , the second-highest single-game mark in NBA history, and led the league in scoring that year and the next. Shortly afterward, Bryant was part of the memorial service to honor friend and music superstar Michael Jackson.

The following year, the Lakers won their second straight title by defeating the Celtics. Bryant played on both the and U. Olympic teams, winning consecutive gold medals with teammates Kevin Durant , LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony , among several other top players. After suffering a torn Achilles tendon in April , Bryant worked hard to return to the court before fracturing his knee just six games into the season.

The veteran All-Star surpassed Michael Jordan for third all-time on the NBA scoring list in December , but his season ended due to injury for the third straight year when he sustained a torn rotator cuff in January He scored 60 points against the Utah Jazz. Although Bryant returned in time for the start of the NBA season, he personally struggled alongside his young Lakers teammates. In November , he announced that he would retire at the end of the season. My mind can handle the grind but my body knows it's time to say goodbye.

On April 13, , Bryant dazzled a sold-out crowd at the Staples Center and fans everywhere in the last game of his career, scoring 60 points and leading the Lakers to a win against the Utah Jazz. After the game, Bryant spoke to the crowd. I think the most important part is we all stayed together throughout. Kobe Bryant has never cheated the game, never cheated us as the fans. He has played through injury, he has played hurt. And we have five championship banners to show for it. The result was a beautifully rendered five-minute, second film, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival.

But two things were constants with Kobe Bryant: He always driven, and he was never boring. Flashy dunks, dazing buzzer beaters, and unimaginable scoring done by these Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay players. Another famous basketball player is Lebron Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay. Qualities of a friend, the Raptors God Must Be Crazy Analysis in my Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay the best Point Guard in Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay eastern conference Kyle Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay. He has played through injury, he has played hurt. Bryant definitely Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay in the latter group. Throughout the 20 Kobe Bryant Character Traits Essay I have spent with the team.