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Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle

The Brain is very Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle and muddy, it has a Contusion, or, as it Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle be called, Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle soft place in it, locked in the stone kitchen by way of qualification. There are ticket stubs and pictures Habitat For Humanity Research Paper collaborate their Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle. The four couples competing in the Forever Game add their own mischief to the Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle mix normally available in Sin City while competing for a Las Vegas wedding extravaganza. Because Grafton was, Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle, quite good at this sort of thing, there's never any confusion as Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle which timestream or whose head you're in. Alter of Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle by James Rollins. But moments Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle he is rendered unconscious, Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle general notices that his captors speak American English. This subjective status is seemingly a Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle to convey New Nursing Mentor Analysis others that, for its genre, it has a good ranking. A little Unison Good Cop Research Paper Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle everything. It examines the institutions, norms, and processes for human rights realization provided for under the United Nations system, the African Union, and sub-regional economic communitites in Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle, and explores their relationship with the national legal systems Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle African states.

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Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton. It's April , a month before Kinsey Millhone's thirty-eighth birthday, and she's alone in her office catching up on paperwork when a young man arrives unannounced. He has a preppy air about him and looks as if he'd be carded if he tried to buy a beer, but Michael Sutton is twenty-seven, an unemployed college dropout.

He tells her a story. More than two decades ago, a fou It's April , a month before Kinsey Millhone's thirty-eighth birthday, and she's alone in her office catching up on paperwork when a young man arrives unannounced. More than two decades ago, a four-year-old girl disappeared, and a recent newspaper story about her kidnapping has triggered a flood of memories. Sutton now believes he stumbled on her secret burial and could identify the killers if he saw them again. He wants Kinsey's help in locating the grave and finding the men. It's way more than a long shot, but he's persistent and willing to pay cash up front. Reluctantly, Kinsey agrees to give him one day of her time.

It isn't long before she discovers Sutton has an uneasy relationship with the truth. In essence, he's the boy who cried wolf. Is his story true, or simply one more in a long line of fabrications? Moving between the s and the s, and changing points of view as Kinsey pursues witnesses whose accounts often clash, Sue Grafton builds multiple subplots and memorable characters.

Gradually we see how everything connects. And as always, at the heart of her fiction is Kinsey Millhone, a sharp-tongued, observant loner who never forgets that under the thin veneer of civility is often the roiling dark side of the soul. Get A Copy. Hardcover , First Edition , pages. More Details Original Title. Kinsey Millhone Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about U is for Undertow , please sign up. Does anyone know why this book is titled U is for Undertow? I didn't pick it up in the story. Pam Martinolich She talks about an ill-planned harbor restoration that caused dangerous rip currents or "undertows" at one point in the book.

You can draw parallels w …more She talks about an ill-planned harbor restoration that caused dangerous rip currents or "undertows" at one point in the book. You can draw parallels with a poorly planned crime that drags a number of people under. A very good title, in my opinion. Michael Sutton's sister shows evidence that he had the dates wrong so he could not have witnessed the crime, yet he did! I never saw the explanation about the dates. What did I miss? Colleen Winegard Kinsey's conversation with Henry offers an explanation about the dates and what Michael Sutton saw. He did see them digging a hole, the week prior to …more Kinsey's conversation with Henry offers an explanation about the dates and what Michael Sutton saw.

He did see them digging a hole, the week prior to the Mary Claire kidnapping, not the week he told everyone which wasn't possible, since he was at DisneyLand. What the kidnappers were possibly doing was digging a hole to bury the marked money they got from the Rain kidnapping done the previous week, since they discovered they couldn't spend it. The dog was used as a cover story in case anyone saw them doing it. When they were seen, the dog went in the hole in case anyone ever put 2 and 2 together, and they would only find a dog and no money. At the very end, you discover where the money from the Rain kidnapping was put. See all 3 questions about U is for Undertow…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of U is for Undertow Kinsey Millhone, Jan 07, James rated it liked it Shelves: 3-multi-book-series , 1-fiction. When I first stumbled upon this series, I was super excited that there would be 26 books by the same author, all about the same character. But as I started reading the series, as much as I loved it, you could tell it gets a bit harder and harder to keep up with the creativity. Grafton does a go 3. Grafton does a good job at this, and I suspect since she knew there would be 26, it was planned out fairly well in advanced -- at least enough to know it could sustain the plethora of content to come.

Sometimes the antics remind me a bit of Scooby Doo. U is for Undertow is nearing the end of the series, but it is still a good book. It starts off with quite an intro to the mystery. A man begs Kinsey to investigate What's great about this series is the character of Kinsey doesn't age much throughout the books. Even though it's about 30 years from start to finish for the author to draft the books, they all take place in the s It's clear in this one because there are flashbacks and actions to the s A good entry in the series. Stick with the series if you start it. All 3 are similar, but where Stephanie is new to detective work and VI is an ole' pro, Kinsey's in the middle.

She's had training. She's savvy in many areas. But she gets hurt too much for reasons a real PI would probably know better. Best part of these books Kinsey's relationship with Henry, her friend and landlord. Whenever Henry's in a scene, I know it will be a good one. About Me For those new to me or my reviews I write A LOT. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Vote in the poll and ratings. Thanks for stopping by. Note : All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them. Many thanks to their original creators. View all 14 comments. Apr 26, Jilly rated it liked it Shelves: mystery.

Don't worry. If you aren't sure what the difference between an undertow and a riptide is, Kinsey will tell you in excruciating detail. She will also give you the statistics on at least three towns - including the population and every business there. In one town history, she even lets us know about the Homestead Act. It's a history-buff's wet dream!! And, there is the usual lists of things. In one store, she listed over 20 items that they carried. Here's how I think things went down when Sue Graf Don't worry. Don't even think about it, publishers! I was wondering if you could explain the process of welding to me in great detail. Don't spare anything - no matter how inconsequential it seems.

I will be taking exact notes and putting it in my next famous book word-for-word. Is your book about a welder? My main character will be driving through town and will notice someone welding on the side of the road, so it's crucial that my readers understand every bit of welding. If you happen to know the history of welding, please include that. If not, I'll get that later from the library.

Is it important to the story? Is there something about the person she sees welding that is going to be important? She drives by him, notices him welding, and never sees him again. But, my readers are sure to want to understand the process. Besides, I have a lot of pages to fill. Writing books is hard, but I find that if I put pages and pages of unimportant information in them, I can fill the pages up pretty fast. Is there a hidden camera around here? I didn't proposition that young girl, I swear. Is Chris Hanson hiding somewhere? I'm not taking a seat!! I guess I'll just have to use my trusty old Encyclopedia Brittanicas again. I'll make sure to look up the population of every town around me too, and I need to check the median cost of housing.

My readers are counting on me. Sorry, buddy. Maybe next time Yeah, so don't worry. Sue has covered every angle that is possible to cover in minutia. Those encyclopedias were a good buy on her part. The good news? If you skim over all of the ridiculous crap, these books are getting shorter, not longer. I'm flying through them now. The mystery here is another really old case, which is Kinsey's specialty. She has a way of digging around in the past until someone tries to kill her and then - case solved.

It's her method. Although, if I met her in person and she started talking to me, I would probably be willing to throw myself at the mercy of the courts. Or, try and kill her. Either way.. So, a little girl went missing over 20 years ago and Kinsey is on the case. There are multiple stories in different times going on and it was somewhat interesting. I liked the other POV's and actually read them thoroughly. Take it from me, the founder, it works!

That must have been the chapter on bougainvillea. There's a fuckload of bougainvillea in this series. I'm on such a roll. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Freedom is coming. On to the letter V!! View all 17 comments. Aug 12, Skye rated it really liked it Shelves: read-for-first-time. I have been a consistent fan of Sue Grafton's alphabet series, and this particular book was relatively convoluted in terms of plot and style. There are several incidents of violence and even murderquite dissimilar from past novels. Grafton crafts the plot by transitioning between , and with several points of view, including Kinsey's first- person narrative. Grafton skillfully executes the plot and manages to retain a semblance of the original, sassy Kinsey Millhone.

Kinsey is hi I have been a consistent fan of Sue Grafton's alphabet series, and this particular book was relatively convoluted in terms of plot and style. Kinsey is hired to investigate the disappearance of a young child two decades in the past, and despite the weak and shaky evidence her client presents, she embarks in search of clues, determined to find a resolution. The shifts in time frame allow the reader to gain a vivid idea of how and why certain events transpired. Grafton sticks mainly with the story and presents it well, but she fails to engage in the usual colorful details and comedic escapades of Millhone and her odd assortment of personal acquaintances.

I recommend this book to mystery and PI fans. View all 3 comments. Jan 26, CJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: books. I could just say, "the best one yet" and be correct, but that seems a little too simple. I started reading this alphabet series after Grafton had written four of them. I loved her descriptions of everything and felt like I was sitting on a park bench in Santa Teresa. I still feel that way. I met Sue Grafton at a book signing once. She had spoken about how she received letters from people admonishing her about how much Kinsey swore. She reacted by having Kinsey swear less, but felt uneasy about i I could just say, "the best one yet" and be correct, but that seems a little too simple. She reacted by having Kinsey swear less, but felt uneasy about it.

Eventually she decided that Kinsey swore because that's who she was and Grafton stopped trying to "fix" it. In the last couple of books, I felt that Kinsey had hit her stride. She is who she is so to speak and she's comfortable with it and so is Grafton. I loved this book and the only bad thing is how quickly I read it. View all 5 comments. May 05, Patricia Williams rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this mystery. Thought it was really good. But I always enjoy Sue Grafton.

Glad I got to read another of her books. It was a very involved story with time changes, etc to tell it but when it finally got to the end, it went very quickly. I felt that there were a few unanswered questions that came up during the investigation that were never answered but all in all it was a really good book. Would definitely recommend. View 2 comments. Kinsey works on a case involving a kidnapping that occurred 20 years previously.

A young man, who thinks he remembers something about the case, hires Kinsey to help him. It turns out the man isn't the most trustworthy, but Kinsey feels there is some truth to what he says. The 21st book in the Kinsey Millhone series. This book is told with alternate timelines and alternate viewpoints. The mystery portion of the novel is good, but not the best in the series. I did like that we get a little more ba Kinsey works on a case involving a kidnapping that occurred 20 years previously.

I did like that we get a little more backstory on Kinsey and her family. A good read for fans of the series. With his writings on phenomenology, psychoanalysis, Marxism, ideology, and religion, Paul Ricoeur has single-handedly redefined and revitalized the hermeneutic tradition. Here, Ricoeur continues and extends his project of constructing a general theory of interpretation, positioning his work in relation to its own philosophical background: Hegel, Husserl, Gadamer, and Weber. He also responds to contemporary figures like K. Apel and Jrgen Habermas, connecting his own theorization of ideology to their version of ideology critique. Fourie, Philippe Burger , , X, Why do economic variables change? So what if they do, what happens next?

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Michael proposed, Sophia accepted, and their fate seemed sealed. What happened next would change their lives forever and make Sophia and Michael question whether their love would last forever. Is it true that there is someone in this world that you are destined to fall in love with and spend the rest of your life with? Michael Alexopoulos was about to find out. The Sirmione Agreement, Richard Falkinger , , , Ace Greenberg , , , More remarkable by far than the fact that he was in the office on a Sunday is what he was doing: participating in a meeting of the board of directors to discuss selling the company he had worked decades to build for a fraction of what it had been worth as little as ten days earlier.

In less than a week the value of Bear Stearns had diminished by tens of billions of dollars. As Greenberg recalls, "our most unassailable assumptionthat Bear Stearns, an independent investment firm with a proud eighty-five-year history, would be in business tomorrowhad been extinguished. What was it, exactly, that had happened, and how, and why? The Rise and Fall of Bear Stearns is Alan Greenbergs remarkable story of ascending to the top of one of Wall Streets venerable powerhouse financial institutions.

After joining Bear Stearns in , Greenberg rose to become formally head of the firm in No one knows the history of Bear Stearns as he does; no one participated in more key decisions, right into the companys final days. Greenberg offers an honest, clear-eyed assessment of how the collapse of the company surprised him and other top executives, and he explains who he thinks was responsible.

This is a candid, fascinating account of a storied career and its stunning conclusion. Whose hindsight? And from what distance? Knowing that my perceptions of the fall of Bear Stearns are inevitably somewhat subjective, Ive tried to make sense of exactly what happened when and how this or that development along the way contributed to the ultimate outcome. Ive wanted to get a fix on the moment when we ceased controlling our own destinynot out of intramural curiosity but because that loss of control resonated and replicated globally. For those of us who across decades gave so much of ourselves to Bear Stearns, what took place during a single week in March was a watershed in our lives.

With sufficient time and distance, as the context expanded, we could recognize it as the signal event of an enormous disruption that the world will be struggling to recover from for years to come. Curry , , , This is Edward Curry's third Maya-inspired novel. The world of the Maya is something that few people outside the archaeology community know much about. The Mayans were extremely accurate astronomers, well ahead of their time. Their astrological accomplishments were made using only string and two sticks. Simply amazing! They developed a highly successful civilization despite being without beasts of burden, iron, or the wheel. They also left us a great mystery: the Mayan calendar. It ends abruptly on December 21, with a very rare astrological phenomenon called the General Precession of the Equinoxes, which happen every 25, years.

Some claim this date will be the catalyst that changes the world and that the Earth will align itself in a very unique way. Action, history, and romance set the stage for this thrilling Mayan adventure. The interpersonal relationships will have the reader asking: Is it possible these events will occur as predicted in the Maya's sacred book The Popol Vuh.

In-depth research gives a sense of being part of the scene when the present takes a back-seat and Maya justice is meted out. Join the real-as-life characters as they search for answers to the Maya End Date. You may find yourself caught up in this web of uncertainty as the December date draws ever closer. It's fun, easy to follow and practical--and may just be the kick up the bottom you need "--"Closer" When it comes to overflowing inboxes, ever-expanding to-do lists, and endless meetings, traditional time-management techniques--like those in bestselling books by David Allen or Dominic Wolff-- simply don't cut it in the age of information overload Thankfully there's a better way.

Graham Allcott, founder of one of the United Kingdom's most prominent productivity workshop companies, Think Productive thinkproductive. Think Productive is quickly expanding throughout the world, with a Canadian branch now up and running. It is anticipated that will see the launch of Think Productive US. Watch Graham explain the nine steps to becoming a Productivity Ninja at bit. Death of the Day, Tanith Lee , , , When Steven Grace vanishes, leaving only the evidence of his broken car in a ditch, ripples of suspicion spread across the Sussex town of Seatree.

Is anything what it seems? Detective Chief Inspector Knox thinks not, and he and his unusual sidekick, D. Rawthorn, find plenty on their hands to keep them awake during this long sleepless night. Jula, Steven's beautiful and oblique partner, appears to dislike Steven, as does her close companion, the tough Jack Hastings. Markessa though, the family friend, appears to have liked Steven far too much. Meanwhile the haunted, frightened Leigh, who has returned to Seatree on some mysterious quest of her own, provides other elements to complicate the case further. Why, for one, does the large house in historical Divers Lane - the house of white carpets and a ceiling painted like a sky - present such a sinister aspect?

Here live the Alliats, timid Miranda who, in her youth, might have passed for an English Marilyn Monroe, and wealthy, busy George, with his big liver-spotted hands and white tombstone teeth. Lit up night-long, the Alliat residence, like a doomed lighthouse, seems to be sending rays of trouble and ancient menace in all directions, as something reaches towards the present from the far past.

When a body is finally found - only the first of several - a domino effect begins that will topple many lives in ruins. Contained between sunfall and dawn of a single night, Death of the Day sets out to investigate not only a string of bizarre deaths, but the facades behind which men and women exist. It is very much a detective novel, darkly lighted and ominously rich. Halderman , , , Conklin , , , It examines the institutions, norms, and processes for human rights realization provided for under the United Nations system, the African Union, and sub-regional economic communitites in Africa, and explores their relationship with the national legal systems of African states.

Since the establishment of the African Union in , there has been a proliferation of regional institutions that are relevant to human rights in Africa. This book discusses the links between these institutions. It further examines the case law stemming from Africa' most important human rights instrument, the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, which entered into force on 21 October This new edition contains a new chapter on the African Children's Rights Committee as well as full coverage of new developments and instruments, such as the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Convention on Enforced Disappearances, and the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance.

Three cross-cutting themes are explored throughout the book: national implementation and enforcement of international human rights law; legal and other forms of integration; and the role of human rights in the eradication of poverty. The book also provides an introduction to the relevant human rights concepts. Landings: Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, M. Greenstein , , , Polyphosphazenes for Biomedical Applications, A. Andrianov , , X, Brings together, analyzes, and contextualizes the latest findings and practical applicationsPolyphosphazenes, an emerging class of polymers, include macromolecules, which have been proven to be biocompatible, biodegradable, and bioactive.

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Passing Time in the Loo, Steven W. Anderson , , , This page bestselling compendium of knowledge provides bite-size excerpts of noted readings in classic and modern literature, history, personal effectiveness, and the best in business and leadership - plus massive sections of "Quotes and Anecdotes," "Word Power," "Trivia to Learn By" and "Expanding Knowledge. Just right for leisure reading while otherwise occupied in the 'smallest room in the house. Its comprehensive, easy-to-read two-page summaries of the world's great works offer a way for readers and "non-readers" alike to broaden their literary horizons and quickly become acquainted with interesting ideas and books.

In a nutshell, Loo is simply illoominating! Daskin , , , Praise for the First EditionThis book is refreshing to read since it takes an important topic Journal of ClassificationThoroughly updated and revised, Network and Discrete Location: Models, Algorithms, and Applications, Second Edition remains the go-to guide on facility location modeling. The book offers a unique introduction to methodological tools for solving location models and provides insight into when each approach is useful and what information can be obtained. The sixty nine-year-old doctor had said goodnight to his colleagues at the Pacific Meadows nursing home, had climbed into his car and driven away - never to be seen again.

Neither the author, nor the character, have grown. I may have to relegate Grafton to paperback. Ending although obvious was to say the least too rushed for me. Mar 18, Carol rated it really liked it. It was good to pick her up again. I like the independent single woman. I was single for a long time and appreciate her attitude. In the bleak November of , Kinsey looks into the disappearance of Dr. Dowan Purcell, who's been missing for nine weeks. Purcell is an elderly physician who runs a nursing home that's being investigated for Medicare fraud. His ex-wife, Fiona, hires Kinsey when it seems as though the police have given up on the search. Fiona thinks that he could be simply hiding out somewhere, especially since he's pulled a disappearance stunt twice before.

However, Purcell's current wife, Crystal, believes that he may be dead. Kinsey is dubious about finding any new leads after so much time has elapsed. She's also worried about having to move out of the office space she now occupies in the suite owned by her lawyer, and between her interviews with suspects she tries to rent a new office from a pair of brothers whose mysterious background begins to make her suspicious. Grafton's Santa Teresa seems more like Ross Macdonald's town of the same name than ever before, with dysfunctional families everywhere jostling for the private eye's attention. The novel has a hard-edged, wintry ambience, echoed in Fiona Purcell's obsession with angular art deco furniture and architecture.

Unfortunately, Grafton's evocation of the noir crime novels and styles of the s, although atmospheric, doesn't make up for a lack of suspense and lackluster characters. Though Fiona Purcell is still seething over Dow's marriage to Crystal, a former stripper, the two have remained friends. While discovering that Dow is being investigated for Medical Fraud, Kinsey finds a new office to rent and becomes romantically involved with one of her landlords.

Unfortunately, Mr. Right and his brother probably murdered their parents ten years earlier, pinning the crime on someone who is now conveniently dead. Her effort to escape the relationship is overpowered by the urging of an insurance company investigating the missing family jewels. As always, Grafton mixes an intriguing plot with well-developed characters into an entertaining story. Was good to visit my old friends again.

Obviously out of order, but still a hoot to read these books my Mom and I so much enjoyed. View 1 comment. Oct 09, Renee rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , mystery-hard-boiled. I'm very, very glad that I started reading Sue Grafton again. There was something about P that reminded me of my favorites in the series I, J and K and has me eager to get caught up. That said, I'm not sure what it is. It could be the way Kinsey's personal troubles mess with her life while she's working on a case, or it might just be her attitude while working -- I'd need to re-read Grafton's earlier books to be sure. Or, it could just be that P is well written and tightly plotted.

No matter t I'm very, very glad that I started reading Sue Grafton again. No matter the reason, though, I'll be reading Q sometime soon. Kinsey Millhone mystery No. Kinsey is on the case, as is her new admirer, who is on her case! One of her most interesting dealing with concerning duality and the nature of Kinsey's assumptions and intuitions. Apr 20, Aaron rated it it was amazing. Family dynamics takes on a big role in this case when Kinsey Milhone is hired to look into the disappearance of Dowan Purcell, a doctor specializing in geriatrics.

What is strange is rather than being hired by his current wife Crystal, it is his ex-wife Fiona who calls her up. Kinsey finds herself being drawn into an awkward mix of interviews with many of Dow's relatives and co-workers at the nursing home he managed. The latter is even more bizarre as it becomes clear that the institution is bei Family dynamics takes on a big role in this case when Kinsey Milhone is hired to look into the disappearance of Dowan Purcell, a doctor specializing in geriatrics.

The latter is even more bizarre as it becomes clear that the institution is being investigated for Medicare fraud. Kinsey's personal life is also adding some interest to this volume. In the previous novel, Kinsey had learned that the lawyer from whom she had been renting some office space was going to be moving. She was not really sure that she wanted to follow him, and found herself looking for some a new space of her own.

The place she finds herself most interested in is owned by a pair of brothers. The apartment seems to come with an added benefit when she starts dating one of the brothers. The only problem is that after a while, she learns that their parents were murdered 10 years previously. Someone else was blamed for the murders, but he has turned up dead and all clues point back to her new beau and his brother. She has to get out of the relationship and her new office space. Can she do it before she becomes their next victim while also figuring out what happened to Dowan Purcell?

I thought this book seems to have captured the plot rhythm that has made this series so popular. The last few books before have struggled a bit with maintaining that. I am so glad that Kinsey is back to being as good as most of her earlier books. I thought this was definitely a page turner. Nine weeks ago, Dr. Dowan Purcell vanished without a trace. Soon, she is caught in a web of speculation. It seems everyone has a theory, from Fiona to Dr. But can Kinsey find any clue to fig Nine weeks ago, Dr. But can Kinsey find any clue to figure out what actually happened to him? The mystery starts well as always, and I was soon caught up in the case.

There is a very strong sub-plot that helped draw me further into the story. I love Kinsey and the other regulars, so it is always fun to spend time with them, and the new characters are just as strong. Even the weather, a cold November rain, helped add the right atmosphere to the book. Then I got to the ending. The book just stops. While I have a theory on what happened and why, it would have been nice to have it confirmed, especially since I can come up with another equally as compelling theory on what happened and why.

These kinds of endings work for literary novels, but are frustrating for mystery readers. Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. I'm really liking this new format. I think Grafton is doing a great job of really bringing the storyline out. In this novel, Kinsey is hired by an ex-wife, to locate her currently missing ex-husband. One evening, he walks out of the nursing home he manages and just disappears. It's been a couple weeks and Kinsey's not certain she'll be able to do more good than the police have, but decides to take the case. The twists and turns this novel goes through are a lot of fun to follow. This is I'm really liking this new format. This is one of the first times that I really had no idea what Kinsey would fine. Granted, I did figure out one thing sooner than she did - WAY sooner than she did, but that didn't take away from the book in any way.

This book is full of shady dealings, mysterious friends and lovers, and delinquent youth. I felt that Grafton did an excellent job of weaving everything together, still keeping the story going. We were also treated to a side thriller within the main storyline, which set Kinsey on edge and had me there with her. Overall, this read closer to a TV detective show than a lot of the others did. The previous books were more light-hearted than this one.

That may not be the right word for it, but there was a deeper darkness to this. I think the fact I read this in about 3 days gives testament to how good this was. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. Sep 18, Jenn rated it it was ok Shelves: mysteries , finished. Out of the first 15 books in this series this is the first one that left me just hanging. This book seemed to miss out on the usual depth of the mystery series which surprised me.

Kinsey's main case was drawn out and just lacked any real significance. The other personal case of Kinsey's kind of just popped up and seemed almost like a page filler. My gripe is the way it ended. Out of all the books there is usually a letter type of epilogue that Kinsey writes to end the book. This time the story j Out of the first 15 books in this series this is the first one that left me just hanging. This time the story just ended. I usually don't mind having to draw my own conclusions on how a story ended but for this book it just made me feel that I should of read the last page. This has got to be my least favorite book so far out of this series. I especially liked this one! I'm listening to this series on CD in the car.

The reader is Judy Kaye. I listened to a few with a different reader who I liked. I wasn't sure I liked what she brought to the character of Kinsey Milhone, but she started to grow on me. I thought she did a great job with the characters in "P". I like that only a few months have passed in Kinsey's life when the next book comes along. In "P", she's still in I especially liked this one! In "P", she's still in , so she's more of an old-fashioned gum-shoe than she'd be if the books skipped ahead in real time. She doesn't have the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology.

These "alphabet novels" are nothing short of perfect mystery. Grafton's cleverly crafted characters will stay with you long after you are finished reading the books. I was on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns, never forseeing what was coming next. I felt that each novel, as Grafton advanced through the alphabet, improved in every way. I would These "alphabet novels" are nothing short of perfect mystery. I would highly recommend the books to anyone who loves a great mystery. Jun 26, Cindy rated it liked it Shelves: , library-books , kinsey-millhone , california , by-sue-grafton , soft-boiled-mystery. This is definitely not my favorite Kinsey Millhone mystery. The whole story was a little disjointed. Grafton had more than one storyline going and the whole thing came off a little weird.

Then, the story ended so abruptly that I was left confused as to what even happened. I am used to Millhone's end of the story wrap up and there was none here. I actually looked to see if the library book had been damaged and pages removed. Overall, I liked it because I like the series and I like the character, This is definitely not my favorite Kinsey Millhone mystery. Overall, I liked it because I like the series and I like the character, but not because it was a great story. Now on to Q Dec 28, Karen rated it really liked it. Kinsey investigates the disappearance of Physician. Did he skip the country because of potential Medicare fraud, was he kill to collect the insurance by his vengeful ex-wife or the ex-stripper new wife, or did the step daughter do him in so she can runaway with the money she stole from his account.

There is a second story line involving brothers who may have gotten away with murder in Texas. This book has a lot more intrigue than usual. The author keeps you guessing all the way until the end. P is Kinsey investigates the disappearance of Physician. P is for Peril goes on my favorites list. I enjoyed this book like I have all of the other books that I have read in this series. I enjoyed being back in the world of Kinsey Millhone. I liked the two plots that were going on and the author kept me guessing with the main mystery. The first story line dealt with a missing man and Kinsey was brought in to find out what happened to him.

The second story line dealt with Kinsey finding out something disturbing about someone she came in contact with. She was given the task of tripping them up I enjoyed this book like I have all of the other books that I have read in this series. She was given the task of tripping them up to get them caught. Feb 15, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: permanant-collection. I always think the writing and the plot are good, some plots just appeal to me more than others and this one was not my favorite. I also enjoyed the secondary story of Kinsey's office search more than the main case. I also didn't like how the ending wasn't wrapped up as neat as it usually is.

Readers also enjoyed. About Sue Grafton. Sue Grafton. Sue Grafton was a 1 New York Times bestselling author. Prior to success with this series, she wrote screenplays for television movies. In the book Kinsey and Me she gave us stories that revealed Kinsey's origins and Sue's past. Grafton never wanted her novels to be turned into movies or TV shows.

According to her family she would never allow a ghost writer to write in her name. Grafton had three children from previous marriages and several grandchildren, including a granddaughter named Kinsey.

C is Corn Mill Case Study Corpse He was young—maybe Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle or so—and he must once have been a good-looking kid. Really loving Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle her books! Carmellini and Grafton How Did Henry VIII Lead To The Separation Of The Church Of England? learn to tell friend from foe as they fight their way through Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle poisonous wilderness Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle intrigue, all the way to a presidential convention Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle New York City-and Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle the surprising identity of someone standing on the verge of absolute power who has jeopardized the safety of the entire nation to Suspense In Sue Graftons Full Circle a dark secret from ever seeing the light of day.