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Pros And Cons Of The Anchor Baby Debate

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However, the personal blogs are limited to viewers with MSU accounts. Google Sites has a well-developed set of tools, and its ease of use make it a great option for hosting. Paid Options:. Migration is essentially a copy-paste function, and LAMP Stack works with genuine domain names such as mysite. This option is not recommended for websites that cannot experience downtime, as the LAMP stack may experience occasional outages. The genius of this anchor is the way it clamps itself to the wall.

A flip-down toggle bar is threaded to accept the included 8 machine screw. As you push the screw through the center of the anchor, it pops the toggle out. Then the toggle pulls tight against the inside of the wall as you thread the screw in. Read more…. We tested with a shelf bracket, loaded so weight will pry the anchor out of the wall. The E-Z Ancor toggle design held quite well, up to 70 pounds of load on a shelf 10 inches from the wall. The manufacturer rates these for a full pounds of shear load straight down to the floor instead of out from the wall. First, you need to flip the toggle back into line, which is possible with a small piece of wire.

Then you need to use a utility knife under the flange and pry it away from the wall while you twist the anchor out. Most of us will probably want to punch the anchor through the wall or just paint over it rather than go through all that work. For even more load-bearing capacity, the WingIts — Master Anchor uses a set of three plastic legs to spread force evenly over a wide area. The legs are flexible, so they also absorb more shock than other fasteners without slipping. If you need to mount a grab rail, television, or some other piece of hardware that absolutely has to be secure, drilling into wooden studs is always a must.

The manufacturer rates the full shear strength of these anchors to pounds in half-inch drywall. In our shelf test, which creates a tensile load prying the anchor out from the wall, WingIts held strong until the drywall screws holding our test wall to the frame started to fail at pounds. WingIts require a three-quarter-inch hole for mounting, and the flange left on the outside is a full inch. For hanging decor items to brighten up a blank wall, a drywall anchor is definitely overkill.

To hang a picture, just push the sharpened tip through the wall a quarter-inch above where you want your hook. The bigger-gauge hook started to dig down into our fresh sample drywall at 55 pounds. In addition to the original size and Gorilla Grade hooks, this package also has ten hooks that sit closer to the wall for tricky items that need to be as flush as possible. Our test load was 55 pounds before the anchor wings collapsed and it popped out of the hole. Toggler designed these anchors for a single-use installation: After you make a half-inch hole, the toggle can be inserted through and leveled against the wall with long, plastic positioning straps.

You zip a small plastic flange into place — almost like tightening a zip-tie — and snap off the extra length of the straps. In our test, the Snap-Toggle held up just as well as the WingIts anchor, which is to say, our test drywall started peeling off the studs before the anchor broke through. If you need to remove these anchors, punching them through the wall or trying to cut the plastic support off and dropping the metal toggle inside the wall is really your only choice. Fortunately the hole they leave behind is only about a half-inch, since the plastic pieces are only just strong enough to hold the toggle in place on the back of the wall. This is much like a traditional plug-style plastic anchor, but like the Toggler — SnapSku, it expands and resists being pulled out quite well.

In our test, this anchor performed just as well as the SnapSkru when holding a shelf bracket under load, up to 55 pounds hanging off the end of the bracket. Nearly everyone has seen the plastic plug anchors that you often get for free with wall brackets, but spring-toggle anchors like these from Hillman are the next most common. This mechanism is often used specifically for mounting lightweight decorative items overhead, things like ceiling lights.

Different screw sizes are available, but based on our tests the strength is going to be about the same. The anchor we tested takes a 8 screw and needs a half-inch hole; it failed after only 50 pounds of shelf load when the anchor cut through the inner drywall paper. These anchors pierce the drywall ideally with a sharp hammer blow rather than boring through, and that makes them a little bit quicker and easier to install than anchors that require pre-drilling. Self-drilling anchors like our top pick can technically go in with just a manual screwdriver, but if you had to put in a dozen anchors without a drill the hammer would save your wrists. With a screw-in anchor, you risk breaking the edges of your hole if you need another half-turn so the arrow points up.

If you over-torque the included screws directly into the anchor, the support wings can begin to twist and tear out a chunk of drywall, so be careful when tightening things up. The real disappointment is in the weight test, though, with the anchor pulling out a small chunk of drywall at only 40 pounds of load on the shelf. Daniel is a Canadian farm boy who grew up to be a nerd with a literature degree and too many hobbies to count. Daniel remains unapologetic about Canadian spelling, serial commas, and the destruction of expensive travel mugs.

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