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Jennifer Lopez Struggles

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She could dance, and she could act, as both In Living Color and Selena proved—but now the world knew she could sing, too. She was a triple threat with undeniable star power—and Latinas quickly realized what that meant for us. Lo was the only example of Latinidad in TV and film, so her existence alone was revolutionary," says Kristal Sotomayor , documentary filmmaker and festival programming coordinator for the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. As her musical career grew alongside her acting, her global impact became fully realized during one iconic moment: The night in February when she arrived to the Grammys wearing a green Versace dress with a plunging neckline. That outfit alone set the stage not only for her music chart and box office potential, but a new age for high fashion, an arena that had typically been exclusive—particularly to curvy Latinas.

Today, J. She's since recorded eight studio albums, served as host on reality competition shows like American Idol and World of Dance , starred in over a dozen more movies, and even executive produced some of those films, including last year's Second Act. She also recently launched a makeup line with Inglot and is now rumored to be working on her 9th studio record —all in between being a mother to her year-old twins and traveling the country for her "It's My Party" tour.

For those of us who grew up before Lopez's rise to fame, seeing how the culture has shifted is immeasurable. Out of Variety's list of the top 10 Latino actors and actresses , most names—like Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara—found mainstream fame after J. And although she cannot be fully credited with the rise of Latinos in mainstream media, her impact is certainly significant. Lopez is undeniably Puerto Rican, undeniably Latino, and undeniably one of us.

Before J. Lo, "Latina celebrities were largely regulated to Spanish language outlets," he says. In many ways, she set off the Latino media industry and influenced the current crop of actresses and musicians. Even political stars like U. For more stories like this, sign up for our newsletter. Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. Click here for our countdown to J. Lopez in Selena.

Related Story. She changed my perception of Latinidad. Lopez at the Grammys. Scott Gries Getty Images. This is your place to discuss articles, share ideas and talk about current topics regarding Hispanic and Latino Culture. Hispanic Culture Forum. Subscribe for free weekly updates from this Hispanic Culture site. Past Issues. Jennifer Lopez. Guest Author - Rebecca M. Cuevas De Caissie. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous personalities of our time both from the Hispanic community as well as America at large. Aside from this she has set the bar for being the highest paid Hispanic Actor or Actress in the film industry.

Her voluptuous figure has received acclaim through out the media world as well as her outlook on life and feminine prowess. She is a powerhouse performer, much beloved actress and an idol adored by both men and women alike. Second most searched name on the internet and a fascination to everyone who has witnessed her rise to fame. Behind the mystery and visage of Jennifer Lopez is a story just as mesmerizing as the striking beauty that has graced the front page of almost every magazine worldwide. This is the story of one of the most famous Hispanic Women of modern times, the story of Jennifer Lopez.

She was raised in the same neighborhood where she was born, Castle Hill in the Bronx and attended Catholic school. She began financing her performance education by the age of nineteen investing time in both dance and singing lessons while working to raise the necessary capital. Shortly after Jennifer became a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson, appearing in one of her videos. The personal life of Jennifer Lopez has fascinated us just as much as her public life. They were married on February 22, and divorced in March the following year. The relationship between them took a turn for the worse in October of when Jennifer released Noa from his position at her restaurant.

Since then there have been heated court cases between the two over a tell all book of their romance which Noa sought to publish and Jennifer has prevented due to the rumored portrayal if her in a negative light. Their relationship ended soon after the much famed incident at a Club New York in midtown Manhattan.

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