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Almaden Lake Case Study

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Almaden Lake Improvement Project Public Meeting _ Jan. 8 2020

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Retrieved November 19, September 15, This Adobe structure is the oldest public building in California and is where the American Flag was raised, declaring California part of the United States. Old Mission Dam. May 21, Now part of Mission Trails Regional Park. Old Sacramento Historic District. Old Scripps Building. May 20, The first building of Scripps Institution of Oceanography , which is the oldest oceanographic institute in the United States.

It formed the starting point of what has become the University of California, San Diego. Old United States Mint. It is one of the few survivors of the great San Francisco earthquake and served until Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission Chapel. USS Pampanito submarine. She still has several working parts, including the periscopes and a torpedo tube. Paramount Theatre. The largest theatre on the West Coast when it was built, it is notable for its Art Deco appearance.

Parsons Memorial Lodge. This solidly built structure was the first stone structure in a National Park. It was built by the Sierra Club and is still standing today with only minor variations. It reflects the Bay Area architecture influences of Bernard Maybeck as well as the practical weather concerns of the High Sierra valley. Petaluma Adobe. The largest example of Monterey Colonial architecture in the United States, this adobe structure was the ranch house of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo , commandant of the Sonoma Pueblo.

Pioneer Deep Space Station. October 3, San Bernardino. Point Reyes Lifeboat Station. Last remaining instance of a USLS rail launched lifeboat station, commonly used on the Pacific coast. This site rescued crews from ships that foundered on Point Reyes. It is now protected as part of the Point Reyes National Seashore. Pony Express Terminal. The Western end of the Pony Express , this bank building has also served as the first home of the Supreme Court of California.

Potomac Presidential yacht. On August 3, , she played a decoy role while Roosevelt snuck off to sign the Atlantic Charter. She is now a museum ship. Presidio of San Francisco. June 13, Used as a fortified military base from to by Spain, Mexico, and the United States. It is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and serves a mix of commercial and public uses. It is required to be financially self-supporting by Ralph J.

Scott fireboat. June 30, It is now located near the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. William C. Ralston Home. San Mateo. Now part of Notre Dame de Namur University. Rancho Camulos. February 16, The ranch was known as the Home of Ramona because it is likely that the popular novel Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson was set there. The novel helped in raising awareness about the Californio lifestyle. It is now a museum. Rangers' Club. Stephen Tyng Mather , the wealthy first director of the National Park Service personally donated this building to house the newly hired rangers covering Yosemite National Park.

Rogers Dry Lake. Kern and San Bernardino. Centerpiece of Edwards Air Force Base , this endorheic desert salt pan in the Mojave Desert has the world's largest compass rose and the world's longest runway at 7. It is one of the alternate Space Shuttle landing sites. Room , Gilman Hall, University of California. December 21, Seaborg and his coworkers identified plutonium as a new element on February 23, Rose Bowl. It also hosted events from the and Summer Olympics. Royal Presidio Chapel. This cathedral is the oldest continuously operating parish, the oldest stone building in California, the smallest cathedral in the United States and one of the two oldest cathedrals in the United States.

It is the only existing Presidio cathedral in California and the only original building in the Monterey Presidio. San Diego Mission Church. Originally located in the Presidio of San Diego , it later moved a few miles away. San Diego Presidio. The first fortified presidio , it along with the first mission, San Diego Mission Church , paved the way for Spanish colonization of California. No structures remain, but the site is now located in Presidio Park. San Francisco Bay Discovery Site.

San Francisco Cable Cars. January 29, An iconic image of San Francisco , this is the only remaining permanently operational manually operated cable car system in the world. San Francisco Civic Center. This collection of Beaux Arts buildings serves a number of uses, including the Exposition Auditorium from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. San Francisco Port of Embarkation, U. In World War II alone, over 1,, passengers and 23,, tons went through this fort. A prime example of the Spanish-Mexican colonial plan of buildings surrounding the central plaza and Mission church. It was featured prominently in the Hitchcock film Vertigo. San Luis Rey Mission Church.

California's most pristine Spanish Mission Complex , this is the third church at this site. Santa Barbara County Courthouse. April 5, Known for the beauty of its Spanish-Colonial Revival architecture, which inspired and influenced many other designers. Santa Barbara Mission. The only Spanish mission in California to remain under the leadership of the Franciscan Friars since the day of its founding. The Looff family was one of the major early manufacturers of carousels , including this example. Only five other intact Looff carousels remain in the United States. The Giant Dipper roller coaster is the older of the two large, wooden scaffolded roller coasters remaining on the West Coast. Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome. Built by the Looff family to house one of their carousels, this structure now houses a different carousel, but remains a rare example of what was once a much larger amusement complex.

Upton Sinclair House. November 11, Home of American novelist Upton Sinclair between and and where he wrote most of his later works. Sonoma Plaza. Space Flight Operations Facility. Space Launch Complex June 23, First built in to test missiles, it was used to launch space missions from to It is now a rare, well-preserved example of the equipment and facilities from that era. Leland Stanford House. Senator from to , railroad tycoon , member of the Big Four and founder of Stanford University. Star of India bark. A seaworthy iron hulled museum ship in the San Diego Maritime Museum , she is the oldest ship that still sails regularly and the oldest iron hulled merchant ship still floating.

Steedman Estate Casa del Herrero. January 16, Designed by architect George Washington Smith , this acre, s estate is considered one of the finest examples of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture in the United States. Sutter's Fort. A 19th century agricultural and trade colony, it was known for its connection to the Donner Party , the California Gold Rush , and the formation of Sacramento as well as its proximity to the California Trail and Siskiyou Trails. Now a state park, threatened with closure in Swedenborgian Church. August 18, One of California's earliest pure Arts and Crafts buildings, this Swedenborgianism church remains open today with almost no architectural changes.

Tao House. The Forty Acres. October 6, Served as the original headquarters of the United Farm Workers , the first permanent agricultural labor union in the United States. Tule Lake Segregation Center. February 17, The largest Japanese American internment camp, it also had the highest security and stayed open longest, even after World War II. Twenty-Five-Foot Space Simulator. An 85 foot high stainless-steel cylinder at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory used for testing spacecraft in space-like conditions. Ranger , Surveyor , Mariner , and Voyager spacecraft were all tested in this facility.

Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel. This wind tunnel built in the s allowed commercial and military aircraft as well as the Space Shuttle to be aerodynamically tested. December 9, The "Ellis Island of the West" processed over 1 million Asian immigrants between and Now part of Angel Island State Park , it was renovated in Courthouse built in , reflecting Art Moderne architecture. Browning U. Court of Appeals. Courthouse built in , reflecting the Beaux Arts classicism used in several early twentieth-century federal buildings.

Walker Pass. Joseph Reddeford Walker mapped this pass in after learning of it from Native Americans. He then led the first immigrant wagon train through it in This pass significantly contributed to the development of California. Warner's Ranch. The only trading post between New Mexico and Los Angeles, this ranch developed into a stop on the Butterfield Overland Mail stagecoach line along with nearby Oak Grove. Now a hot springs resort. No year is specified here, because unlike President Kennedy we do not know what dates may be achievable.

However, our favorite is a colony on the moon, because a colony is intended to be permanent and it would represent a new frontier for human ingenuity and opportunity. Evaluation of alternatives would focus on costs, uncertainties, and schedules. One approach might be: a Find out what percentage of the population is left-handed. With some specific scissors quality and price in mind, ask a random sample of people if they would purchase the scissors. Study the responses of both left-handed and right-handed people. From the data, make an estimate. A different approach might be to assume that the people interested in left handed scissors in the future will be about the same as the number who bought them in the past.

Ask two questions: i How many pairs of scissors have you sold in one year or six months or? Two items might be worth noting. Lots of scissors are universal, and equally useful for left- and right-handed people. Many left-handed people probably never have heard of left-handed scissors. Live at home. A room in a private home in return for work in the garden, etc. Become a Resident Assistant in a University dormitory.

Live in a camper-or tent- in a nearby rural area. This may lead to an acceptable or even a good choice, but it is highly unlikely to lead to the best choice. While reading about models, the car buyer can be identifying alternatives and clarifying which features are important. With this in mind, several car lots can be visited to see many of the choices. Then either a dealer or the classifieds can be used to select the best alternative. There are benefits to those who gain from the decision, but no one is harmed. Pareto Optimum 2. Benefits flow to those who need them most. Minimize air pollution or other specific item. Maximize total employment on the project. Maximize pay and benefits for some group e. Most aesthetically pleasing result.

Fit into normal workweek to avoid overtime. Maximize the use of the people already within the company. Unfortunately, people who are relocated often feel harmed, no matter how much money, etc. Thus planners consider criterion a unworkable and use criterion b instead. In some cases, these projects are also used for urban renewal of decayed residential or industrial areas, which introduces other benefits. The costs of these projects include the money spent on the project, the time lost by travelers due to construction caused congestion, and the lost residences and businesses of those displaced.

In some cases, the loss may be intangible as a road separates a neighborhood into two pieces. In other cases, the loss may be due to living next to a source of air, noise, and visual pollution. Jay appears to prefer Alternative 2, and he has sufficient money to adopt it. While there are alternatives available, one appears so obvious that that foreman discarded the rest and asks to proceed with the replacement.

One could argue that the foreman, or the plant manager, or both are making decisions. One of my students observed that his father would not fall for such a simple deception, and surely would insist on the weird shirt as a subtle form of punishment. Alternatives to their current university program are likely to focus on other fields of engineering and science, but answers are likely to be distributed over most fields offered by the university. Outcomes include degree switches, courses taken, changing dates for expected graduation, and probable future job opportunities.

At best criteria will focus on joy in the subject matter and a good match for the working environment that pleases that particular student. Often economic criteria will be mentioned, but these are more telling when comparing engineering with the liberal arts than when comparing engineering fields. Other criteria may revolve around an inspirational teacher or an influential friend or family member.

In some cases, simple availability is a driver. What degree programs are available at a campus or which programs will admit a student with a 2. At best the process will follow the steps outlined in this chapter. Nevertheless, it is a large mistake to not change majors when a student now realizes the major is not for them. This problem seems ideal for listing student ideas on the board or overhead transparencies. It is also a good opportunity for the instructor to add more experienced comments. On the other hand, Example shipping department buying printing is a situation where the sub-problem does not lead to a proper complex problem solution. Or simply, maximize net profit. Since one cannot achieve maximum output with minimum input, the statement makes no sense.

One might begin, for example, assuming five hours of study on each course. The combined total score would be Decreasing the study of mathematics one hour reduces the math grade by 8 points from 52 to This hour could be used to increase the physics grade by 9 points from 59 to The result would be: Math 4 hours 44 Physics 6 hours 68 Engr. Conclusion: Open at , close at Set the first derivative equal to zero and solve for t. Since either home is really an individual plan selected by the homeowner, each should be judged in terms of value to the homeowner vs. On this basis the stock plan house appears to be the preferred alternative. The student can visually verify this from the figure. This indicates that production below units per year is most undesirable, as it costs more to produce units than to produce units.

Since we do not know the Selling Price, we cannot know Marginal Revenue, and hence we cannot compute the optimum level of output. Maximum profit at 45 units. Below is a list of possible recurring and non-recurring costs. Students may develop others. Book costs are not represented as before- tax cash flows. Engineering economic analyses can involve both cash and book costs. Cash costs are important in such cases. For the engineering economist the primary book cost that is of concern is equipment depreciation, which is accounted for in after-tax analyses. By life-cycle costs the authors are referring to any cost associated with a product, good, or service from the time it is conceived, designed, constructed, implemented, delivered, supported and retired.

Firms should be aware of and account for all activities and liabilities associated with a product through its entire life-cycle. These costs and liabilities represent real cash flows for the firm either at the time or some time in the future. The key point being that most costs are committed early in the life cycle, although they are not realized until later in the project.

The implication of this effect is that if the firm wants to maximize value-per-dollar spent, the time to make important design decisions and to account for all life cycle effects is early in the life cycle. The point of this comparison is that the early stages of the design cycle are the easiest and least costly periods to make changes. Both figures represent important effects for firms. In summary, firms benefit from spending time, money and effort early in the life cycle. Effects resulting from early decisions impact the overall life cycle cost and quality of the product, good, or service. An integrated, cross-functional, enterprise-wide approach to product design serves the modern firm well.

Each of these factors could influence the estimate, or the estimating process, in different scenarios in different firms. One-of-a-kind estimating is a particularly challenging aspect for firms with little corporate-knowledge or suitable experience in an industry. Estimates, bids and budgets could potentially vary greatly in such circumstances. This is perhaps the most difficult of the factors to overcome. Time and effort can be influenced, as can estimator expertise. One-of-a-kind estimates pose perhaps the greatest challenge. Understanding interest and its impact is important in many life circumstances.

Examples could include some of the following:! Selecting the best loans for homes, boats, jewellery, cars, etc. Many aspects involved with businesses ownership payroll, taxes, etc. Using the best strategies for paying off personal loans, credit cards, debt! Making investments for life goals purchases, retirement, college, weddings, etc. Thus, as a decision maker she would be indifferent. Since the compound interest factor is non-linear, linear interpolation will not produce an exact solution. Therefore, it takes 18 months to repay the loan. Column 2 shows the equal annual amount as computed in part a above. This completes the year 1 row. The other row quantities are computed in the same fashion. The interest portion for row two, year 2 is: 0. The rest of the calculations proceed as before.

Also, note that in year 7, the remaining balance as shown on Table is approximately equal to the value calculated in a using a formula except for round off error. Owed Int. EOP This pmt Pmt. The simplest solution is to draw a diagram of the situation and then proceed to solve the problem presented by the diagram. We need the Present Worth at April 1, We can use either interest rate, the quarterly or the semiannual. There was no simple formula, or even a complicated formula, to arrive at the solution. While the actual calculations were not difficult, there were several steps required to arrive at the correct solution. The real rate of return is closer to 6.

This is the cumulative PW in the last column below. The period with monthly figures is 34 months rather than the 35 months indicated below. Do not purchase equipment. Parts b and c assume earlier payments, hence their PW of Cost is greater. A « « «««««. Thus after 25 years all costs are identical. The cost for option 2 will now be higher. Replace with untreated ties. Replace with treated ties. Therefore, maximize PW of benefits. By inspection, one can see that C, with its greater benefits, is preferred over A and B.

Similarly, E is preferred over D. The problem is reduced to choosing between C and E. But the student should recognize that this is a faulty criterion. It would buy 83 shares of Spartan Products, but only 42 shares of Western House. The criterion, therefore, is to maximize NPW for the amount invested. Buy Spartan Products. Thus we use 12 years and assume repeatability of the cash flows. Problem has the same effective interest rate as , but the rate on is lower. Solving this series for A gives us the A for the infinite series. In this situation the annual capital recovery cost equals interest on the investment. This problem is much harder than it looks!

The equipment purchase did not turn out to be desirable. The problem must be segmented to use the 1. The bailer probably should be installed. The fact that the tax payments are for the fiscal year, July 1 Through June 30, does not affect the computations. Ruarterly interest payments to the savings account could have an impact on the solution, but they do not in this problem. The solution may be verified by computing the amount in the savings account on Dec. Now solve for the unknown n. Note: The analysis period is seven years, hence one cannot compare three years of A vs. Seventy or seventy- five years might be the range of reasonable estimates.

Here we will use 71 years. Two possible solutions are provided below. Whether working or at school there are living expenses. Available interest tables obviously are useless. Convenience, improved quality of life, increased value of the dwellings, etc. Thus, the pipeline appears justified. Therefore, the increment is desirable. Select X. Therefore it is not a desirable increment of investment. Choose A. Select A. Select B. Buy Kicko. There is external investment until the end of the tenth year. To search for positive rates of return compute the NPW for the cash flow at several interest rates. This is done on the next page by using single payment present worth factors to compute the PW for each item in the cash flow.

Then, their algebraic sum represents NPW at the stated interest rate. Even though there is only one rate of return, there still exists the required external investment in Ruarter 1 for Ruarter 2. On this basis the Part b solution appears to have more realistic assumptions than Part a. Before proceeding, we will check for multiple rates of return. This, of course, is not necessary here. For further computations, see the solution to Problem This is only slightly different from the Tables could be produced, of course, for negative values.

Sacramento Canals Division. Ryan, F. League of California Municipalities. Choose Almaden Lake Case Study.