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Themes Of Wuthering Heights

However, she lacks the saving private ryan director to make an immediate decision, knowing that Heathcliff is a themes of wuthering heights person. Wuthering Heights Themes [Internet]. Themes of wuthering heights was forced to be a loner as a child, but themes of wuthering heights the death of Cathy, he enters self-imposed isolation. Oh, themes of wuthering heights once more! Themes of wuthering heights Device: Doubles and Opposites. This is obvious themes of wuthering heights Hareton is poor and could offer neither.

Wuthering Heights Themes and Ideas

The differences in the emotional character of Catherine and Cathy could be explained in the fact that Cathy did not experience a relationship like the torrential love affair Catherine had with Heathcliff. It was this relationship that was the root for all the tragedy in Catherines life. Heathcliff played a dominant role in both halves of Wuthering Heights and he interacted with both Catherine and Cathy. However, they had very different relationships with him. Catherine and Heathcliff were deeply in love with each other and had been soul mates ever since childhood. Heathcliff often evoked powerful emotions from Catherine, and their encounters often left Catherine in emotional chaos.

Cathy did not like Heathcliff and he did not like her. Edgar and Nelly informed Cathy of Heathcliffs terrible history and negative impact on her family. Once she moved into Wuthering Heights and lived with Heathcliff, Cathy was transformed from a bright, cheerful young girl into the sullen, foul-tempered person Lockwood meets during his first visit to the Heights. Heathcliff saw Cathy as the cause of her mothers death and she represented Catherines betrayal of their love.

Cathy inspired many feelings of rage from Heathcliff. For instance, when she accused him of stealing her property he burst out Damnable witch! Off with her! Do you hear? Fling her into the kitchen! Ill kill her, Ellen Dean, if you let her come into my sight again! Catherine was desperately in attached to Heathcliff and the love they shared was the most powerful force in the novel. Catherine did not want to marry Heathcliff, though, because she felt it would degrade her. This displays Catherines pride and ego, which led to her choice of Edgar for a husband.

This union was not built on true love, but on Catherines desire to have money, power and respect. In comparison, Cathy was forced into marrying Linton, with whom she would have rather had a brother-sister bond. Heathcliff forced this marriage because he wanted the property and assets that she was heir to. Cathy eventually fell in love with Hareton, despite the fact that he was a dirty, illiterate farm labourer. Unlike her mother, Cathy wanted to marry for love, not money or power. This is obvious because Hareton is poor and could offer neither. Nelly Dean was another character who played an important role throughout the entire novel and had close relationships with both Catherine Earnshaw and her daughter Cathy. Catherine grew up with Nelly and since Nelly was several years older, Catherine treated her rather like a big sister.

She often came to Nelly with problems, but Nelly did not show a great deal of concern for them because she had developed a dislike for Catherine because of her cruel, selfish actions. When Catherine came to her looking for advice about marrying Edgar, Nelly questioned her motives and put her down for being materialistic. Nelly had a huge impact on the lives of both girls. She would have altered the unfortunate path of Catherines life if she had told her that Heathcliff had overheard her say that it would degrade her to marry him.

Cathy Linton had a better relationship with Nelly and the two were very fond of each other. Nelly was like a mother to Cathy and was her constant companion during her childhood. Cathy trusted Nelly and told her many personal things. On several occasions, though, Nelly revealed these secrets to Edgar, who was reasonably upset about his daughters deceits, like when he learned of Cathys frequent, unpermitted visits to see Linton at Wuthering Heights. It could be argued that Nelly betrayed Cathys trust in order to protect her from Heathcliff and Wuthering Heights.

Nellys sweet, innocent mistress may have been corrupted by too much exposure to such unsavory elements. The characters of Catherine Earnshaw and her daughter Cathy Linton were different in numerous aspects of their personalities and lifestyles. They had very different family lives. Much of Catherines character was based on emotions while Cathy is much more restrained. Heathcliff and Nelly both had relationships with the women, but these relationships were very distinct and often in contrast. Catherine and Cathy had opposing views on love and dissimilar experiences with marriage. Although the two characters never had a relationship , as one died giving birth to the other, it seemed as if Cathy had learned from her mothers mistakes and successfully avoided the same tragedies.

This was accomplished mainly by recognizing Heathcliff as a monster. Cathy could never be completely at rest after Heatchcliff and the world of Wuthering Heights was introduced into her life. He went from thinking that he will be free soon, to doubting he will never be free from prison. During his time in prison, he heard from other prisoners about how the electric chair malfunctioned before, which made things worse for Walter and his emotional health.

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