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Cooperative Driving Dashboard

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Cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

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Freight vehicles aren't the only ones that have to plan around uncertain travel times. HDOT said that the percent of the "person-miles traveled on the interstate that is reliable" in terms of time traveled was That same figure for the state of New York was Hawaii's limited network of major highways means driving even 5 miles at the wrong time of day in a passenger vehicle could take 30 minutes, Sakakida said.

But truck drivers don't always have the option to avoid rush hour. Steady traffic and accidents on major highways regularly cause delays. There's no movement for quite a while," Sakakida said. Most of that freight comes in via ocean vessels. The extremely narrow, congested roads make it hard for trucking companies to navigate equipment any larger than a standard straight truck, McEwen said.

Incoming ocean freight often must go to a warehouse to be split up for multiple straight trucks or smaller delivery vehicles because shipping containers are too difficult to maneuver on the roads. This rehandling takes warehouse space, time and labor, which translates to higher costs. McEwen said a lot of these costs are passed along to the end consumer, and it's part of the reason goods are so expensive in Hawaii. The limit on truck sizes also means that drivers might have to go back for another load, or multiple trucks are needed to fulfill a larger delivery. But he said navigating the narrow roads is probably similar to driving in many other older cities that were not designed for large truck deliveries.

While some cities on the mainland have tight alleys and narrow streets, it "pretty much is nothing compared to the island of Oahu," Joseph Vele, a Hawaiian truck driver and safety manager at DHX, told FreightWaves. Based on his 30 years of experience, he said the older residential areas are the most difficult to navigate, especially the Kaimuki area in Honolulu and the Kailua area on the east side of the island. Nothing has changed in those areas for a long time, and drivers have to look out for low-hanging power lines and make tough decisions about what size of container or vehicle could realistically maneuver there, according to Vele.

Delivering construction materials to those old residential areas is one of the most challenging parts of his job. Hawaii's largest mall and the largest open-air shopping center in the world, Ala Moana Center, "wasn't built with deliveries in mind," McEwen said. Ala Moana, similar to many crowded tourist areas in Hawaii, does not have proper loading docks. Vele said he has delivered to Ala Moana many times over the years and described it as "a waiting game" because the tight turns and limited space often leave drivers waiting for a spot to park. He said drivers delivering to the shopping center frequently have to walk pretty far to transport their merchandise to customers.

He said there's no room for automatic equipment, and truck drivers often have to "manually pallet jack freight out of the containers or out of the box trucks and have to use a liftgate. In Waikiki and other busy areas of Oahu where large volumes of freight deliveries are needed, many stores and hotels also don't have loading docks. Most establishments do not have dedicated loading zones on property, requiring trucks to park curbside to load and unload. Therefore, deliveries made during peak periods can exacerbate already congested roads and make it difficult for trucks to find convenient places to temporarily park," the HDOT said. Vele said he hasn't heard of commercial vehicles getting hit by traffic, but safety is definitely something he thinks about when unloading on the side of the road.

He said it's fairly common for customers to help direct traffic around unloading trucks, especially on two-lane highways. Vehicles would be parked all along on both sides of the street," Vele said, noting that traffic is pretty much back to normal with tourists flocking to the island. In order for you to make the delivery, that's what you have to do. McEwen said that many truck drivers from the mainland also move to Hawaii for a change of scenery.

Vele said some drivers moving to Hawaii expecting it to be very open "have no idea what they're getting into. Because the islands are relatively small, one bonus to truck driving in Hawaii — besides the scenery — is that it's easy for drivers to make it home every night instead of spending days or weeks on the road. Because Hawaii doesn't have OTR driving and is "one of the sunniest places on earth," McEwen said the state could operate on a fully electric trucking fleet if it were prioritized. EVs release zero tailpipe emissions, and the more that local energy grids invest in renewable energy such as wind and solar, the less greenhouse gases will be emitted as a result of charging EVs.

Vele said that Hawaii is "awfully green," and if the state could move in the direction of electrifying its trucking industry, it probably would. McEwen said if the state wants fleets to transition to zero-emission vehicles, the government will need to provide incentives. He said the price of goods would otherwise rise even more due to the higher initial costs of electrification. Read: Will Maryland's expanded EV charging network fuel fleet adoption? Our study investigating elective early-term deliveries appears on the front page of the Houston Chronicle. Our study with the CDC investigating increasing rates of gastroschisis appears on the front page of the Houston Chronicle. A beautiful tribute article by my home university. One of the very few times growing up I actually had a picture that made it in the newspaper.

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Feb 12, Health experts examine vaccine rates across the state. Iverson O. Feb 9, Feb 4, Feb 2, Florida's partnership with churches vaccinates more than 10, to date. Jan 29, LaGrone K. Figueroa IV D. Jan 28, Florida Gov. Jan 26, Jan 23, Jan 22, Jan 21, Florida's vaccination rollout focuses on curbing deaths before curbing community spread. DeMarco J, Cruz M. Experts say to wear masks and social distance despite vaccine rollout. Jan 18, Allbrittin D, Tutten J. Jan 17, Jan 15, Jan 14, Jan 11, Salomone J. Jan 7, Jan 12, Students return to schools as Florida pediatric cases hit new peak.

Jan 4, Dec 23, Florida officials anticipate initial coronavirus vaccine shipment will be small. Dec 2, Dec 1, Nov 19, Website calculates your chance of contracting coronavirus during Thanksgiving gathering. Nov 18, Nov 16, Coronavirus spike impacting Thanksgiving plans locally and nationally. Nov 13, Hollenbeck S. Nov 10,

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