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Aunty Pearl Character Analysis

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Eg: 1. Week11 Red. Let me post my NAP early to avoid I saw it late or you copied from somebody. This will be my last NAP for this year if it fails. Let all solutiontipster members play and enjoy this NAP. It is free of charge. Straight to the business of the week. Prove for 8, firstly, color to color — wolves failed at coupon no 8, the following week, Manu. Utd entered the position and drew. D draw. Another prove for 27, Rochdale at away to pair family numbers up and down. Ref: current. It is the turn of Aberdeen to draw. There more other proves supporting 43 full scale draw come Saturday. Week use 15XXX43 Game one and two of best draw in front of win star is a strong pairs since week04 , it has never failed.

Current English season. Current record.. Go to wk 9 Fleetwood vs wigan Come to wk 11 Accrington s vs wigan xx mon dop. Take this for week11 10 16 44 barrow set at 32 home taking either hartlepool or bradford c while hartlepool set at away taking either oldham or or barrow when set like that Mark game under barnsley mark millwall dundee utd ref week6. Prove of 38 as draw. Serial no seven penny pointer at front page of win star paper is a draw since week 9 and So i go for My fellow Man utd fan no matter what C.

Ronaldo play on sat the match must end in draw. Stake Westham vs Man utd as full time draw xx8Cbkxx Prove : in week 43 last season you will find Man Utd vs Newcastle at 6 to promote Southampton to draw. Next week being wk 34 Man Utd will carry the opponent of Southampton in the previous week as a full time draw Do the same for last week and this week. Wimbledon at 21 h or away mark blackburn , wimbledon and 15 by number ref week 6, 8 and 11 9 15 Good evening, admin. Prove: Cambridge advance fixtures CAF. On red coupon, when game in box 1 of super pair is transferred to game 1 of best four while game in box 2 of super pair is transferred to game 2 of best four.

Good luck. Wed vs Shrewsbury FTD. X30X,Gillingham at away in even week,add code 10 to position and bank on the answer in subsequent week. X32x,Position of Carlisle is a free gift in subsequent week. Admin take note! Proof wk 1 current in bob Morton fabulous 16…game fourteen is a register draw that is no. This is my observation for week 11 Red colour. Prove is as follows: The no. Reff wk5 Brown, wk6 Blue, wk8 Purple. Please admin approve for the benefit of all. Thanks in advance.

Visit the nap market to get it…. WK5, 15, 22, Goodmorning Admin. That is to say team from 44 and 48 red must go back and bring teams dat will meet together for a draw. Welcome to week 11 7p17 for one or two draws prove open overseas football research page 3 where it is found Twins the two alphabet at the left hand side has been producing one or two draws since week 5 current, Admin please approve for the benefit of odas. Banker 32 Week 5 Oldham vs Newport ff Tramere vs wallsall untop bar ff Week 7 Tramere vs Newport untop bar ff Week 9 Oldham vs barrow ff Bradford c vs wallsall cbk under bar Week 11 Bradford c vs barrow 32 banker under bar My banker this week is Leyton o, bristol r, bradford c, and barrow The four teams meeting themself in w.

Longest time My dear admin. Happy ember months to every one pls lets try this game 18cbk in all ur copies. Try 18x23x Good afternoon and happy New day to u all my family and most greetings to d oga himself admin. Ndewo sir. I welcome all to wk When a cousin told me that my reading at 12 awaycome on coupon, I was happy so that I can use my Northampton sequence of plus 5 and minus 5. I immediately started another research and found out another sequence which says, whenever reading at 12 away, if tranmere ontop bar home, his position and next digit up pair.

Use it in all ur copies. Thanks admin I remain d first lady. Mark number xx4xx pot xx14xx Luton at home it next family up to be L mark them for one or two draw ref 7 ,,8 and Ref: Weeks 5,7,9 and 11 current. Observation: Last week, week Hartlepool — Bristol R. This week 11 Bristol R. Picked Leyton O. While Oldham picked Hartlepool 39? Good day my able admin. Here I come this week. Current season. Good day my Hon. IS a must to produce Drs. Admin pls approve. Weldone Sir. Super pair. Proof Millwall vs Blackpool ff 16 in wk 8, Coventry vs Middlesboro ff 13 in wk Now Middlesboro vs Blackpool 15 and Millwall vs Coventry 16 is for one of two draws.

Man Utd on top of the bar, locate Watford Away to play one game down. From the position of Watford count 3 up for your second draw. Ref: week 8 current season. Every odd week play Blackpool away, Milton k away and Leyton o away for your three draws.. Reff week 5 and week 7. Week 9, only Milton k was on coupon and it played …. Greetings to everyone. The return of brighton and leicester on red coupon no. The two teams that has beaten doncaster this curren season to meet 20 to draw. Accrington beat doncaster previous midweek, and wigan beat doncaster last week 10, both to draw 20 this red week. Crawley to return away after it failed with carlisle last week, to meet with colchester this week no. Oldham and hartlepool to meet each other 39 and draw for the first time since this current season.

Admin Good Evening I charted with a Guy and he me told that whenever Eventon been set at coupon number 1 away, in the week of setting, bank on Bolton to draw, Burton A must set at away to draw. Then 33 must play as a number. Week3, week7 and this week11 courent. This happened after it was discovered that No. WEEK 35 St. Good day. But pool can be funny so 7 pair Ref, Week:8 Good morning to you Admin and my fellow men in the house.

Week 5 and this week Admin over for the betterment of your people. Play and show love for next week game. Sorry for last WK game that played only 7, 4 and 13 failed. This WK let look at wk7, Arsenal at one home count it oppt letters it will give u 7,Southampton to draw in that position, the following wk8, Aston valley will draw in that position 1, Barnsley will draw at 10 under the bar, Bolton at 19 away to fail and Barrow at 29 home to draw. Then Aberdeen to draw under the bar home at Last WK 10, Arsenal at one home, it oppt letters 7, Southampton drew there, this WK 11,Aston valley to draw in that position 1, Barnsley to draw under the bar at 9, Bolton at 22 home and Barrow at 32 away, then Aberdeen to draw under the bar at Therefore this WK let face 1,9,32, Our prayer should be O God perfect it for us Amen.

Prove for this pair is taken from Soccer Research which goes like this, for UK season if you count the alphabet on the banker box on page 3 and the answer is found in the 3rd spot of the games on top of the league table, therefore the 3rd and 4th games is for one or two draws ref. Admin please make this public, thanks a million and have a nice day. Luton at 9 away under the bar, mark westbrom at home ontop of bar. The following week banks on 13 number. In week 5 current, Blackpool was at 3 away vs Bristol C it draw. In Week Do the same. This wk Prove 38xxx. Colchester vs Newport co. Walsall Mansfield family of 1 i. Newport co met Walsall 38xxx. Go back wk42 last season. Gillingham dr home.

Wk11 24xxx to dr. Please, check your records very careful. R millwall 10, millwall to met Fulham to fff. R Reading 15, Reading to met Fulham again to dr. But if Lincoln is at home, the family number below it is your one direct draw. I greet you all. This week 11 my observation is No X17X. Proof is based on teams movement from week 5. The rotation of this four teams watch them closely. Luton, sheff utd, peterboro and Birmingham. Follow their rotation with each other which started from Wk5, wk7, wk8, wk10 and now wk Having said all this I believe No 17 is slated for full time draw.

Then this week 11 apply same and it brings Am back with good, i knw one day we will reach the promise land Sunderland at 26 away second time movement tranmere must set untop bar home while barrow set unda bar away when set like dat blackburn must draw cardiff must draw stoke must draw ref week13 brown now red xx9xx10xx11xx. Add Saturday and Sunday date of play to give you the position of Cambridge, the next family of Cambridge down is Doncaster, pick Doncaster and game on top adjacent of it to enter Monday date of play in week 7 to draw. Doncaster Portsmouth 24 to draw and draw the next family up Now, go to week 10 Blue, add Saturday and Sunday date of play to give you Cambridge again, the next family of Cambridge down is Doncaster, now pick the opponent of Doncaster to meet game on top adjacent of it, Wigan vs Accrington 20 to enter Monday date of play, mark no 10 and In wk7 4 to be the first draw.

Wk8 Chelsea 4 away to play 3 4 5. And 13 14 Wk10 7 to be the first draw. Wk11 Chelsea 7 away to play 6 7 8 and 16 17 Admin please approve for the benefit of our people. Winning line, 3,7,10,27,37, I salute u admin of our site,I site the room too. Plymouth at no 21 away on red colour only go n play without wastin time 1 a Wimbledon 2 Bournemouth 3 Bradford c. Xxxx7Xxxx Number7 have always been a lucky no and by His grace it will deliver. This week no 7 is repeating draw with chelSEA. Moreover the first B vs B no 9 promotes the no 7. Take the second B vs B on coupon 32 to promote 35 as a draw. So 7 and 35 for your weekend. Thank you Admin for the opportunity.

Week11 single xxxx27xxxx Burton Albion failed on or off coupon from week5 to week8 where it was Burton Albion vs Cheltenham off coupon which ended …. See my last appearance in banker room in week 7 and 8 Thanks to admin I received your reward and Mr Udomba for the k reward. Celtic will set under the bar. The following week Preston will set at 18 home, Count d opponent team of Preston and count the result up to meet Derby at home to drawxxx. Look for Swansea.. WEEK Season. Na husttling stuff oooh.. Play wisely. A key for the whole season. Week11 single xxxxxx27xxxxxx Burton Albion failed on or off coupon from week5 to week8 where it was Burton Albion vs Cheltenham off coupon which ended ….

DRAWS 20—22—35—37— DRAWS 18—20—36—38— DRAWS 17—19—37—39— Play this two draws if u can.. When at home.. In week6 u will see Blackpool vs Cardiff nottmfor vs Bournemouth in week 7 red Bournemouth will go to number 10 and pick Blackpool for a draw last week u will see nottmfor vs Cardiff fail and one of dem will enter 10 to pick Bournemouth for a fix draw so I give 10 so my banker is number 10 bk in big Win u will see at d back page 38 and 48 for one draw when family number enter dr for one so my wingline dis week is 10 25 44 nap and perm 38 pair 48 hv a nice weekend. Please Admin I a new person and also a man of few words but promise to help people in this platform with my experience.

I will be posting a banker or pair. I have a pair 15p16 must produce 1 or 2 draws. Or both of them. So 15 must 16 for one or the two. Please post take not I starts this week being week Motherwell vs Aberdeen meeting on coupon… Opponent of Motherwell in…. Johnstone under bar in advances week of setting for a live draw…. Admin for my 3weeks operation!!!! I remain Jega. High Stakers Over to you gudluck. Week11 Red….. Good evening admin, let me drop this info here.

Anytime you see westham at number 8 home mark Barnsley as draw. This i present to you number xxx09xxx as draw. Week 8 and this week I will only prove number Go to week 5 and week 7, you will see Tranmere picking both Wallsall and Newport to fail on the bar respectively. Now both teams to meet on number 38 to draw. I pray we all laugh at the end of the result. Amen Over to you Admina. Bradford C under the bar again Supposed to play 16 19 27 For the house; This week 11 Red coupon banker is 12xxxcbk. During midweek fixtures Birmingham 1 — 4 Fulham. Week Xx10xxcbk Stoke week no, mark Bournemouth as a draw.

Reff; Wk 15, 17 last season. God sent me to bless not to curse 10 blackpool vs cardiff fff at 11 bournemouth vs blackpool at 10 xxx cardiff vs bournemouth at 10 xxx. Bank on 13 this week 11 Prove: at the 3rd page of soccer research summation of all digits that appeared at the left and right of the league table respective gives you one or two draws, since the season. Game no9 of T. Good day all my banker for week 11 is 33 any time you see wycombe on top bar mark leyton o draw ref week 5,7and WK 35, 38??

WK 43, 12?? WK 11, 16?? WK 10, 33?? NAP 9xx11xx43xx Prov 0f no9xx from week8 game on top try capital to draw rff Week8 is 13xxx Week9 is 33xxx Week10 is 29xxx now lastly Week11 is 9xx? Prov of no11xx from week8 add the digit of cannot draw in front of capital Answer to play game up rff Week8. So Nap 9xx11xx43xx. Good day all and the great admin. Una weldon ooooh My week 11 banker is 47 prove…. Amiable admin please approve. For 1 or 2 drws. Prove of 43cbk. Red colour. Prove of my pair 16 HOT Prove of 32cbk. Tranmere ontop of bar current movement next digit UP 2 drw. Prove of 13cbk. Prove of 1cbk. Aston v. In GOD we trust we shall not hope in vain. Last wk I rest my case. Mansfield and game under to draw one in every week11 since Pls use it all your copies.

Week11 Nap 14xxx25xxx32 Check week8 current season, Aston villa ,Brighton, Burnley at no 1,2,3 home and this week Mark with authority by number or you look for Barrow under the bar to draw, Luton must set 14 home to draw, Fleetwood at away to draw, but at home to draw game ontop. Pls every body should play this game and appreciate me on Monday. Appearance of game on serial 1 and 2 of short list on serial 1 and 2 of Treble Jinx is for 1 or 2 draws. Ref Current. Welcome to week 11 XX7XX pair f17f which was not approved ,this week bank xx33xx pair xx44xx for or two draws reason 2page something else pair in advance week due to produce draw this week Xx33xx pair xx44xx See u on Monday.

Banker 8xxx Prove? Take as pair. No need to prove it long, as far as Luton set at 14 home, mark it and game under for compulsory draw this week Second proof, week 11 , Swansea 14 away xxxxxxx, now the both tea are meeting at xx14xx. That is my banker for the week. Again meeting of both teams at 14, gonna play then nap or Best of luck. Week 11 9xxxxxxbanker Prove : Bob Morton second page.. Second prove :Bob Morton second page.. Week 11 Subtract the cartoon numbers answer to be seen in game 5 5 for 3XXX. Good evening house and the great admin una weldon ooh…….? Week 11 last year and this week Starting From WK 5 WK 11 40 pair 48 Every WK of one check commentary game 4 in Pools Telegraph page 2 whether family of eight is present there?

Admin please post tanks. Before marking it as a draw, it must be on same side and family with Wycombe. Secondly, when you add the first and last letter of the opponent of Stevenage, answer will have Wigan at away. Wks 7, For 10xxxxp06xxxxx go week 36 last season Norwich 6 family failed while Cardiff zero family failed.. Now this week 11 current Norwich Will enter 6 family while Cardiff to enter zero family to draw.. Best wishes to you all. Prove for 1 and 9 Week 8 Family of 8 at treble jinx game 1 Eg. Prove for 7 and 43 Week 7. Following week. Ref , Admin Pls post the game thanks. Confirmed and Trusted!!! Prove 2; Opponent of Mansfield at Home to go away and draw the following week. Chief banker X28X. Wk11 Luton home, lts opp.

Just as i have initially posted on this blog even before anyone can see it anywhere since on Sunday evening,i still maintain on that prove which says that the two games under the first bar are fixed to produce one or two draws since season started. Sunday date of play to be family number of nine found under or ontop of the divisional bar is a result. X13X P X15X, since the current season Reading at 12away, middlsboro and 13 for at least one sure draw. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Lawrence says:. September 12, at PM. Kenneth Is Back says:. Barcadi says:. Onebanker says:. Follow Ur Mind says:. Finian says:. Emmanben says:. Faith says:. In this section, you'll find an array of thought-provoking quotes, from To Kill a Mockingbird racism quotes that discuss one of the novel's central themes, to Atticus Finch quotes and more. This first quote on our list of critical TKAM quotes provides the book with its title, so we know it's important.

Whenever you encounter a quote like this and want to analyze it, you should first ask yourself what the author is trying to tell you. On the one hand, these lines show that Scout is learning the community shares a set of values. Ultimately, the mockingbird is a symbol of goodness and hope, so this passage teaches readers about the difference between good and evil. The mockingbird and what it represents is "good," and killing it—or, rather, destroying innocence—is evil. As Scout learns these values, she grows out of her childhood and into the shared society of Maycomb, her town. The technical name for this type of story is a bildungsroman , which is German for "education novel," but usually we just call them coming-of-age stories.

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view To Kill a Mockingbird explores why racism exists and how we can counteract it. Throughout the book, we watch Scout take this lesson to heart as she tries to empathize with the perspectives of a diverse set of people in her community. You know, she was a great lady. His face was scarlet. She had her own views about things, a lot different from mine, maybe I wanted you to see something about her—I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.

You rarely win, but sometimes you do. Dubose won, all ninety-eight pounds of her. According to her views, she died beholden to nothing and nobody. She was the bravest person I ever knew. Initially she is racist and harsh, which terrifies Scout and Jem, but Atticus admires her because she lived "according to her views. Atticus tries throughout the book to give Jem an alternative way of being courageous—and, consequently, an alternative way of being a good man. Atticus tries to show Jem that he can be brave simply by pursuing what he believes is right, even though he might ultimately fail. This quote teaches us that being a moral person can be courageous in itself.

What makes Atticus such a moral character is his tendency to follow his own instincts regarding what is right or wrong, rather than following the customs of his community. Because he is a very visible political figure in town, this characteristic sometimes makes him unpopular. The one place where a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom, be he any color of the rainbow, but people have a way of carrying their resentments right into a jury box.

Whereas many of the townspeople believe that white people are superior to black people, Atticus believes all people should have equal representation in a court of law. In other words, Atticus takes a bold stance against racism. Furthermore, he states that a white man who uses his privilege to cheat a black man is, in fact, inferior to that black man. One of the most appealing aspects of To Kill a Mockingbird is that it gives us insight into what it means to be a family. That institution, gentlemen, is a court.

Our courts have their faults, as does any human institution, but in this country our courts are the great levelers, and in our courts all men are created equal. Here, we have another of the Atticus quotes in which he states that the goals of the courtroom, which are to create a just and equal society, are more important than the limitations of the local community; thus, they should not be subject to the same prejudices.

Atticus is bold in these public assertions, which puts him in conflict with some of the other people in Maycomb. Atticus, he was real nice Although Atticus is morally in conflict with the culture of Maycomb for much of the book, he is driven by the belief that everyone is, at heart, a decent person. He understands that his fellow townspeople are sometimes driven by the pressure to conform to social customs rather than their own sense of right and wrong.

Atticus seems to believe that if everyone were to follow their ethical instincts, they would choose to behave in a way that is moral, and this is the lesson he consistently tries to instill in Scout. Walter Cunningham, Jr. You might hear some ugly talk about it at school, but do one thing for me if you will: you just hold your head high and keep those fists down. Try fighting with your head for a change In this To Kill a Mockingbird quote, Atticus is telling Scout how to behave with honor in the face of adversity.

As someone who cares deeply about his family, Atticus tries to prepare them for the backlash; however, he also teaches them that there is dignity in defeat, so long as one follows their best ethical judgment. The fact that Scout is receiving life lessons from an African American woman who is treated not only as an equal but also as a member of the family is an example of how different the Finches are from most of the other townsfolk.

It also shows readers who might have their own prejudices that people who are different from them are still people —and they deserve to be treated as equals and with kindness. This is one of the lesser-known Atticus Finch quotes, but it's still an important one. This quote shows how Atticus treats his children as if they are as intelligent as adults in this case, as if they are perhaps more intelligent than adults. Atticus always treats everyone with respect and is very insightful in his views of human behavior, and this quote reveals his thoughts on parenting.

He never claims authority over his children but rather leads by example, treating them more as peers than as kids. The fact that his children call him by his first name, Atticus, shows that they consider themselves on equal footing with him as well. One is that this is yet another example of his influence over his children. His opinions inform theirs throughout the whole book. Another, more important, aspect of Atticus that this comment reveals is his straightforward moral sensibility. You can apply this to his decision to defend Tom Robinson. After deleting the adjective "black," Tom Robinson is no longer a "black man" but simply a man, which is the fact that guides the way Atticus treats and represents Tom.

Aunt Alexandra was fanatical on the subject of my attire. I suggested that one could be a ray of sunshine in pants just as well, but Aunty said that one had to behave like a sunbeam, that I was born good but had grown progressively worse every year. Although all the characters in the book are more or less devout Christians, many of them do not behave as such. These people often act with prejudice, malice, and fear. In this quotation, Miss Maudie is correct that many of the most dangerous people in the town are the most devout. Atticus is once again held up to a high standard of behavior. I mumbled that I was sorry and retired meditating upon my crime. I never deliberately learned to read, but somehow I had been wallowing illicitly in the daily papers.

In the long hours of church—was it then I learned? I could not remember not being able to read hymns. Now that I was compelled to think about it, reading was something that just came to me Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing. In this passage, Scout has been discouraged from reading by her teacher, Miss Caroline, who disapproves of Atticus having already taught Scout to read. As this quote illustrates, Scout considers reading to not only be a pleasure in itself, but also a major aspect of her relationship with her father and an essential aspect of her identity as essential as breathing.

The fact that Atticus would share with a child as young as Scout such mature reading material reveals the respect he afforded her. Summer was on the way; Jem and I awaited it with impatience. Summer was our best season: it was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots, or trying to sleep in the treehouse; summer was everything good to eat; it was a thousand colors in a parched landscape; but most of all, summer was Dill.

Use it in The Famous Five Analysis ur copies. Communicate directly with your writer anytime regarding assignment details, edit requests, etc. Aunty Pearl Character Analysis desktop Aunty Pearl Character Analysis to Microsoft Office, with full Office Aunty Pearl Character Analysis and Aunty Pearl Character Analysis Office file support. Area F says:.